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RLS and RA

I have starting of RA in my feet. I use a lot of lotion which seems to help with the rubbing. I also have RLS consent leg cramps and feet cramps. My doctor just gave me muscle relaxers which sometimes helps but depending on how bad it is. The RLS now hits me during the day when I am at work. I try to walk as much as I can but when you have a sit down job it is hard to do.

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Hi! Try taking magnesium. Both my husband and I get terrible leg/feet cramps at night(sometimes in day for me). It helps. Also a banana and/or orange juice for potassium helps too.

Hope this helps!



My doctor lets me have Quinine, which helps. A thing I am trying myself is an occasional drink of Dioralyte, which is indispensable when suffering with diarrhoea & vomiting for restoring the body's electrolyte balance - you know when you can also get horrendous cramps? With a pharmacist's agreement, I tried it for a performance at the theatre which I was dreading. Don't know if it was good luck or good judgement, but I didn't get cramp anyway!

P.s. Am experiencing Mtx hair loss which is not settling. Anybody know if biologics are any better for that side effect please?


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