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Anyone else have Rhupus?

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Not sure if anyone can help me but I was diagnosed with Rhupus in December. Since starting the meds I've been much, much better. I've had a few flares through the summer but generally I've been doing ok. But this week I've had the worst joint pain I've had for a long time. It feels like a RA flare whereas the flares in the summer felt more like a lupus flare. Is this possible? Does anyone else with Rhupus have separate flares with symptoms of one and not the other?

Would be very interested to hear from anyone if you have.

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I know they keep changing the dictionary but that one really sounds like they can't. make up their minds😀

I was told I possibly have this, but that it may take years to get a diagnosis, so the rheumy is going with which ever diagnosis seems to fit so that I can have treatment. I started with RA and now recently PsA, but have been told that may change again. So although I can't help,I am interested in following how you get on.

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