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Has anyone tried pro plus for more energy? I am so tired all the time, after I come in from work I have to go to bed for about 3hours and then get up for 4 hours then back to bed. I have come off sulfasasazine and am on leflunomide 10mg for the past 6weeks. Also on mtx, 20mg codeine 60 mg per day if needed. Hydroxychloroquine and sertraline 50g per day.

I thought I would try using pro plus to see if it stops the fatigue. I am not over taxing myself but just cannot shake this tiredness off. Do you think it is worth ringing the rummy nurse up?

Hope everyone is keeping well. Thanks for listening.

Carol. X

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I used it when I was around 17 and the biggest drain in my energies was staying out too late the night before work - helped not a jot!!

My advice would be to speak with rhuemy/ gp as maybe Vit B12 or something may be better suited?

Others will also come along with other, possibly more helpful suggestions too.

Hope you get something sorted out soon.


I wouldn't touch it if I were you. I think it's just caffeine anyway. Gave me palpitations, the one time I used it in my youth.

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Agreed! I took it in my younger days too to get me through work after partying all night & my heart was racing so bad it completely freaked me out!! Never again!!

Carol , I know how you feel. When the fatigue sets in with me it hits hard. Actually I felt that way Monday. The fatigue just drain you I know. With me if it's not the fatigue it's the pain that I have with my arthritis. The combination takes a toll on my body. J. D. Quinn

Its blooming horrible when the fatigue hits you, isn't it but I'm with Nettac on this one. It's caffeine, not so pure and quite simple. You may as well have a triple espresso and at least get some pleasure before the nerviness, nausea and palpitations start. Yes, call the helpline and see what they say by all means but the usual advice is to try to pace yourself, eat well, exercise gently and regularly and be generally nice to yourself. Being a total hypocrite here as I could do with following my own advice more often. Wishing you well


I had a period of fatigue - my life felt like I was wading through treacle!

My GP ran some extra blood tests and I was borderline for vitamin D - so she recommended I take a supplement. I also started taking a 50 plus multi vitamin.

I don't know if it was that, but I have felt less fatigued.

I recently dropped to a four day week which has really helped too - but is more costly than vitamin supplements!

Why not talk to your GP / Rheumy helpline?


I have had (and still do sometimes) really really bad fatigue so much so that one day I was in my bathroom and I couldn't remember if it was morning or night and didn't know if I should be getting up or going to bed!

The thing that helped me most was the advice of my OH Physio who taught me about pacing. So imagine you are like a battery if you lose more than half your charge it takes much more energy to re-charge and if you get to empty it takes emence amounts of energy to re-charge so (and here is the difficult bit) you need to pace yourself, wether this is reducing the number of steps you do in a day or reducing other activities (I don't mean going for a run I mean housework or shopping etc) you also need to know a very special phrase "I'm sorry I can't do that right now" it is do extremely difficult to say but ultimately it means you can do things in the future!

Be kind to yourself and (again extremely difficult to do) accept there are times when you NEED to look after yourself first.

I hope you get on top of your fatigue and learn to pave yourself it is difficult and frustrating but really worth it in the end.

All the best 😃

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This is what my mom tells me (she's had RA for 30 years). It's a lot easier said then done!!

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I never said I was any good at my own advice 😂😂 but if I do it really helps - also I always try to make sure I have a rest / easy day after a day when I am doing things - again easier said than done but I'm also quite stubborn and I'm not ready to give up living yet! I guess it is a balance and stubbornness helps too.

We just need to try to be kind to ourselves and occasionally be selfish for our own good 😊

Try eating a lot of raw green veggies. Spinach and kale mixture is great with a few croutons, some chicken cubes ( can chicken rinsed off will do too) and low fat dressing. Delete all the heavy foods, starches, sugars and fats, etc. Eat fish regular, drink plenty of good pure fluids, water and pure black cherry juice is great. The diet regulate the bowels and this gives energy back to the body. If you dump and the stool don't sink but floats instead, you needs more green vegs & protein to keep the body energized. Retained waste fatigues you & makes you feel sluggish. Right diet, good exercise, some sunshine, peaceful mind, and times for laughter is the best things we can give our body.

Could you have Fibromyalgia darling because chronic fatigue comes with that and i should know i have both and chronic fatigue syndrome as well. By lunchtime i am fit for nothing. DON'T touch that pro-plus because as has been said before it is pure caffeine and when you come of the high you will feel worse than you did before.xxxx

I am taking Ginseng for the chronic fatigue. I think it's helping a bit.

I try to schedule things so I do no more than two outside things a week such as go to dr. In winter I can't even do one thing most weeks.

I try to plan activities. So if I go out and water all my pot plants I go out with the Walker and sit down and just do ten minutes. Later on if I am still feeling ok I will do ten minutes further.

If I overdo it I will pay the price with terrible fatigue for days

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