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A vicious circle.

I'm sure plenty of us are on this particular treadmill, but I can't seem to see an end to it.

I'm taking fortnightly injections of Humira, which seem to last about ten days, my flare ups seem to get closer together and the good times further apart. So I revert back to Prednisolone for a six week course, titrate the dose down and come off, then the stiffness, fatigue, flu symptoms, chronic pain ramps up and I start the whole process again. I've had two lots of steroids this year. And I know it caused my blood sugar levels to increase, weight gain etc.

I've also been suffering with chronic anaemia.

I have PsA, Fibromyalgia, Kidney and Lymph Node cancer.

Is there anything I can do besides, MST Morphine. Anyone else with PsA + Fibromyalgia, does anything different and live a life not dependent on steroids for normality.

I'm desperate to break this vicious circle and be fitter again.

But after steroids, I can hardly walk, and standing becomes so painful after several minutes

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Might be worth considering diet modification if you haven't already?



One thing I am finding helps me is getting support beyond family and friends for emotional/stress level support. This may be worth considering as you clearly have a lot going on relight now - your gp can do a referral or your area may do a self referral service ( in the East Midlands it's called 'Let's Talk'.

All the best



How long have you been on the humira? It doesn't sound like it is working properly. You should call your rheumatology helpline if you have been on it for longer than 3 months. They might need to try a different biologic treatment that isn't anti tnf but works on a different part of your immune system. I'm on tocilizumab which suppresses the IL6 protein. X

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