CBD? Morning all you knowledgable people

Hi, I went ahead & bought CBD oil on advice of peps on here. I can't take painkillers so was feeling a bit desperate. I've never taken cannabis or smoked it so was a bit frightened. Away the first night I took two drops, I slept well without pain but I had the most horrendous vivid nightmares 😩

The next night I just took one drop 💧

Did nothing for the pain & I didn't get much sleep but the sleep I did have was full of these awful vivid nightmares. IS THIS NORMAL??? Not sure about taking it again 😬

Help/advice please

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  • Hi caza

    I can't comment on CBD oil as I have never used it but I know that when I was given sleeping tablets, I had the same issue- horrendous nightmare during the time I did sleep . I wonder if it is because such drugs interfere with the natural order of sleep cycle?

    I did persevere with the sleeping tablets and over time , whilst they didn't do an awful lot in terms of me getting more sleep, the nightmares did desist.

    Maybe give it a little longer ?


  • Yes I did wonder that, just really hated the nightmares. The fact that I was worried about using it in first place probably didn't help.

  • I am taking CBD oil and have for about a month. I think it is important to start slowly. I took one drop morning and evening for a week. Had no problems after that 3 drops morning and evening one week now taking 4drops. For some lower amount enough, so you need to up slowly to find your sweet spot.

  • Did you have nightmares/ vivid dreams though when you first started using it?

  • No I didn't. Perhaps because I started with a low dose(?)

  • I'll try it again

  • Hi Caza, i take my 2 drops in the morning, hold under my tongue for 2-5 mins , then swallow, ( dont like the taste !!) before breakfast, then a cup of tea ,good luck.xx

  • Never thought about taking it in the morning. Fowl taste isn't it & nightmares/vivid dreams?

  • Never had any nightmares except for the first night!

  • I'll give it another go & let you know how I get on. Thanks for replying.

  • I haven't tried it so can't add anything there.

    I do however recommend Magnesium oil for body pain/muscle aches. It's inexpensive and widely available so maybe worth a punt for you.


  • Thanks for the reply I'll give it a go.

  • Caza......I have had cannabis laced meds ordered by my doctor and I think that the nightmares come from the "fear of the unknown", by that I mean being a newbie to cannabis therapy you did not know what to expect. The mind and the subconscious mind conjure up a lot of crazy things when you become anxious and go the sleep in that state of mind. I would suggest prior to taking your CBD meds that you surround yourself with a mellow environment. soft music, soft lighting, and eat a light meal about three hours before bedtime. Hope this helps.

  • Yes you could well be right. I've been pretty unwell today which of course might just be coincidental. So I'll see. It's been a very interesting topic obviously I need to look into it more throughly

  • Hi Where do you find the Magnesuim oil and do do you take it? You do not get CBD oil in New Zealand. Ta

  • Usually. In health food stores. I live in the US

  • Thank you

  • I don't use CBD oil but have researched it for my h who lives with pain & can't take strong prescribed pain relief. What I have learned is it's safer to start off with capsules, that way you're ensured of a measured dose. Obviously also the quality of the oil is very important & start on a low dose, your nightmares could be an initial reaction so it's paying off benefit to a couple of weeks of disturbed sleep. Nightmares are a typical side effect of ingesting tetrahydrocannabinoid (THC), so back to quality, how sure are you the oil you bought hasn't psychoactive compounds? The cheaper the oil the more you should be wary.

    Have you spoken to your GP or Rheumy about taking CBD oil Caza? Are you sure it doesn't interact with any of your prescribed meds? That could be another reason for your reaction. Care really needs to be taken with CBD oil in the same way we do with our prescribed meds.

  • I went with a company that was recommended on here & a product that was being used by them. As I know nothing about it. No I haven't discussed it with my GP or rheumy (I guess I'd be to embarrassed, is that really stupid of me?). I only take hydroxy nothing else, no that's not correct I use a steroid spray for chronic rhinitis that joined me last year.

    I think it was about £13 for a tiny bottle.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Hydroxy can cause nightmares I took it for a week quite bad sleep pattern and when I did sleep dreadful nightmares was taken off it. X

  • I've been on hydroxychoroquine for almost 5yrs now so can't be that. It works well for me I'm sorry it didn't for you.

  • Screenshot_20170808-184058.jpg

    My girlfriend was just telling me about this, she uses it. I am going to look into this CBD oil. The pain in my legs is getting worse.

  • It seems to be mentioned on here more & more of late, which is why I decided to give go. If it wasn't for the nightmares I'd say it worked, well it did the first night. Good luck

  • Try even less, maybe it takes some time to work.. good Luck. I am going to get some.

  • Let me know how you get on

  • Hi Cazza,

    I have been on cbd oil ,( cold extract ), plus the activated extract at night prior to bed ( which has the THC ) . No vivid dreams , but the best I've slept for over a year .....if not more. I am still a learner , as far as this all goes , so far I am happy with how it's helping me. There are lots of different strains which can be used , with each plant having different chemical properties. Some strains are apparently good at helping with the symptoms of epilepsy , whilst others have higher amounts of THC so are better for acute pain and anxiety.

    So , sorry can't help you re the reasons for the vivid dreams. It could even be an interaction with other medications your on .

    Take care and hope you get some answers .

    Karen (otherwise known as "Cazza" 😃)

  • Thanks Cazza, I guess I need to look into it more. Where do you get yours from?

  • No problem Cazza. Do look into it more . There are heaps of articles written about it , and scientific studies etc. It is worth reading into the endocanabinoid system as well.!

    I'm in Australia ......I ordered from a place up north .... I can let you know via private reply .....not sure if they mail out overseas though.


  • That would be good thank you. x

  • I agree that perhaps you are using inferior quality oil. I got mine from cbd brothers, love cbd is good and so is cbd life. Quality matters and at 13£ for a small bottle. Sounds like inferior quality.

    I have started taking it today!!! And feel relaxed although pain still there. Will let you know tomo about an bad dreams x

  • Yes CBD brothers, the purple one, that's where & what I got.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • Oops no it's the blue one not purple.

  • I decided to buy some capsules earlier in the year, we where on holiday in Northumberland, they had them in a health shop. They are 25mg and at £28 very expensive I thought. They made me feel very woozy, sickly and when they wore off, felt a bit like a hang over. Tried them again for back pain recently, same thing so I won't be using them anymore. Can't take any of the opiate type drugs, codeine, Tramadol. So just sticking to naproxen and paracetamol, apart from my RA drugs, Humira, mtx and low dose steroids. X

  • I didn't think they were allowed to be sold in health shops but I know very little about it. I had no other problems with the oil drops & I don't know if they caused the vivid dreams. Time will tell. I'm like you, I cannot tolerate painkillers at all 😒

  • Apparently so, they were in the window and advertised as legal, and approved for medical use. The brand name is Canabidol, Cannabis Gel- Tabs. CBD. They are green and you put them under your tongue, they tasted vile. They had much higher strength ones as well, glad I didn't waste anymore money. I do wish you luck, I would have been so happy if they worked for me. No nightmares by the way. X

  • Maybe to much to soon, I guess you have more control over oil

  • Oh no! I am really really hoping the cbd oil works as I have heard so many good things about it. I hope it works.

    Caza yeah cbd bros r supposed to be good. Perhaps give them a call and discuss with them? I couldn't get through to them but you may be luckier.

  • Good thinking. I'll give them a try on Monday.

    I didn't have any other side effects apart from the vivid dreams, which could of been caused by fear of trying something new, maybe.

  • I am keen to try CBD oil but one of the first things I read was that it may interact with prednisolone. Is there anyone here on both?

  • Just taking a quick look on google it seems that it might. I'm not a member of Facebook but maybe they could offer an opinion but guess it's best to consult with your a doctor.

  • I'll look further I to this but I think nightmares like this are due to changes in the serotonergic system. Sudden amounts of dopamine or serotonin such as cheese and cremes are well known for inducing nightmares.

    Could I suggest taking earlier in night or afternoon and seeing what the outcome is. Are you taking sleeping pills, antidepressants etc?

    Just because cdb dosent have psychoactive properties it still influences many factors surrounding sleep cycles (link 2 has links) , don't assume this is due to THC. People make that connection because marijuana has high THC, but it also has CBD.

    A quick Google Search does however reveal others asking the same question. There is much we don't know




  • Just as an aside, if the CBD oil causes vivid dreams/nightmares this may subside as the brain becomes accustomed to the serotonin jump. (might take days or weeks) I experienced the same thing with passionflower, a powerful gaba agent.

    I can't see any good studies on sleep and marijuana and sleep (probably because of its historic taboo status) but the more I look there are stacks and stacks of anacdotes about vivid dreams and nightmares on CBD oil, this definitely isn't just you

    I suspect genetics might also be a factor (likely com-t, Maoa genes) clearly it disentangle affect everyone the same way.

  • Thank you so much for this very interesting information.

    After having the most horrendous night, which I won't go into, I've decided it's not for me 😞 Back to constant pain. The only meds I take is two hydroxychoroquine a day. Thanks once again for your input

  • I am just started the process last Friday to get approved for CBD. In Canada many doctors don't approve, the stigma of 'pot' is pretty rampant here and many doctors refuse to acknowledge it as helpful.

    I wonder how many people know about the real history of marijuana and why it became criminalizedin the first place.

    You can read up and google yourself but basically a very rich man who owned a pharmaceutical company was loosing revenue because native Indians were selling herb to people for various ailments, so through propaganda this rich pharmaceutical man turned a nation, then the world against Marijuana and it became illegal in many places. Science knows the herb has benefits or it wouldn't be given to cancer patients, but of course pharmaceutical companies don't want its widespread use as it's too easily obtained, many grow a few plants for their own use.

    Canada is in the verge to legalize, its going to come into effect 2018 I believe. This was a huge platform our Liberal government Justin Trudeau brought forward.

    Currently anything now must be obtained by getting a special medical marijuana liscence. You can order online from special facilities or grow a certain amount of plants yourself.

    I know the actual smoking stuff is a tad different from the CBD people are talking about. Yes there is different qualities and strains.

    Please go to a site that does a comprehensive medical evaluation for you. Depending on your condition and symptoms and pain levels you are 'dispensed' one of about 7 different levels of CBD oil. The lowest level has no THC. The higher levels contain different levels of THC.

    Disease like Parkinson's are given the highest dose CBD with THC

    I bet there will come a day in Canada when insurance companies recognize this as a alternative to more expensive drugs and start to cover the cost under people's medical insurance

    Right now people in Canada are waiting to see how the government rolls out this whole thing we suspect they will sell it to the general public just like they sell us liquor

    In Ontario all liquor is sold by the LLBO 'liscenced liquor board of Ontario which is a government organization that sells us liquor, they make millions in tax revenue

    It seems there will be a similar set up, when marijuana is legalized, so that the government can reap all those tax dollars they can make off it

  • Morning caza . I slept ok last night . No bad dreams. The Facebook group - cbd consumer U.K. Eu - is really useful - perhaps join and pose the question.

    Btw how did you sleep?? Xx

    Also I was looking at Dutch hemp company and they do water soluble cbd that is 100 % absorbable by body instead of only partially absorbable like oils - any one got any knowledge /experience about that???

  • Sorry to say I had a horrendous night 😳😬😩

    Don't want to say to much as I know it helps lots of people. Pleased you slept well. The links above that jjnz sent made interesting reading. Keep me undated.

  • How much did you take?

  • 2 drops under the tongue

  • Perhaps you should go lower?

  • I know it helps many people but it isn't for me. Maybe when I've researched it a bit more.

  • Oh no poor u! That's really rough. Did you have nightmares again? Did it help your sleep tho?

  • Yes to the nightmares been awake since 3am 😞

  • Would the cannabis cream/lotion be an idea for specific painful joints? The woman in my health shop says more people have been buying that then taking the oil/capsules orally. The reason I've not tried any oral CBD is that I use Fentanyl 25mcgs patches which take the edge off the joint pain ( been on them five years and would love to get off them) but would the cannabis oil or the topical cream interact with the patches?

  • Hi Caza. I'm a recent convert to CBD and finding it v helpful. I'd hate to see you give up so soon and miss out on improved health. I'd deffo recommend you join the Facebook group CBD Consumer Group UK/EU, they are a brilliant group of people who use CBD to help their own health problems. They can give you a lot of helpful advice and support. I think your problem may have been the blue oil...many people have problems with this one but find that another colour works great for them. Blue tends to be used in daytime to give energy. It probably isn't suitable for night time use. It can be too much for people with underlying anxiety problems. You might be better off with the purple paste, oil or capsules...much better to help restful sleep for most people. And you really need to start off low and slow to give your system time to get used to it...many people take several weeks to achieve their 'sweet spot' of finding the right dosage to mange their symptoms. I could go on but it is such a big subject. PLEASE join the CBD Consumer Group UK/EU and let them help you find the right products for you.

  • Thanks for your reply. I haven't joined Facebook been holding off to give my adult children space but I think I'm going to have to.

    I've been pretty unwell today not sure if it's the oil or just coincidence. Will look into more

  • Can I ask if you all are using straight CBD or does it have THC? Everything is legal here (Oregon). I tried smoking a CBD only (my husband bought me an expensive vaporizer) but the pain relief was minimal at best. So I started adding one with THC, so it's 50/50 CBD and THC. That does work much better. Smoking doesn't last very long though. I think I have to buy any oils there at the dispenser but I'm not sure what I'm even looking for?

  • Hi Gaza. Was very interested to read about the CBD oil. I have never taken any type of drug but when the pain is really bad I often think I would take some form of cannabis rather than the toxic drugs which treat RA....... but I wouldn't have a clue where to get it! Not in Boots or Superdrug I guess!!! How do you get this oil? Don't like the sound of the nightmares though - I get enough of those as it is

  • There seems to be a lot of information on Facebook also on this forum

  • Hi

    Do you know if its Sativa or Indica drops? Sativa put your brain in active mode, you want indica drops for sleep

  • No I'm sorry I don't know.

  • How would I go about some CBT oil i need it for pain and also I need to get some sleep. I'm in so much pain and being in so much pain means I don't get sleep. I have fibromyalgia and RA. I don't do facebook. Please can someone tell me how I can get some CBT or indica.

    Please email me

    Many thanks

    Judy x

  • Check out CBT Brothers website. It's a pity you don't do Facebook because that would give you access to a very good support group called CBD Consumers UK/EU. But you could try the green paste during the daytime (for pain relief ) and purple paste at night (for pain relief and sleep).

  • Just google CBD & websites will come. I got mine from CBD brothers.

  • Thank you so much for your help. I will have a look.

    Best wishes


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