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MRI results

Hello all,

My rheumatologist is calling me seronegative inflammatory arthritis.

I am wondering if any of you had weird mri results or had major degeneration in a short period of time say 1 year.

I had my knees scanned a few weeks ago and the results came back that I have grade 4 chondromalacia petella of both knees.

One year ago when I had a partial menisectomy of both knees, the surgeon in his report wrote that my cartilage was full thickness and even. Now one year later, i have no cartilage left behind my knee caps and a lot of joint space narrowing in the knee joints as well.

I guess the question is have any of you experienced this or am I the only redhead that has this?

I am currently being treated for adult onset Still's disease. As this as close to a diagnosis as I have gotten to this point 3 years and counting and off work for 2 years now.

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