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Podiatrist visit today!

It seems I now have OA in feet as well as hips. Lucky me! I do like this new doctor. He is very funny. I had several X-rays but none of our computers read disks lol

I will not agree to surgery but like having baseline X-rays to see progression. Fortunately this doctor is a great surgeon should I change my mind. I will definitely try orthotics first.

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Hi Damaged. I'm so sorry to hear your diagnoses are piling up nicely. Not an expert but, from what I've read and heard, there don't seem to be many of us who have just the one illness. I've been told I have osteo in my feet and, at the last appointment with the consultant she told me that yes, I had RA but that "there is something else". I didn't ask what. Himself and I have a 50p bet on fibromyalgia. I have orthotics and love my Birkies and they help. Hugs



I just purchased Soft Moc sanddles. The Podiatrist thought they were Birkies. Awesome shoes but my ankles get tired when I am in them for to long. I will see him Wed and decide what to do after we see X-rays. He is ok with me making the choice. I am very grateful that I have found so many doctors are receptive to an actively participating patient lol It use to be very different.

Despite the terrible fires in BC the sun has been great. I love sunshine and warmth. It makes me happy.

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