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Hiya everyone just a quick message to say hi as I am new to the forum,just like to say I found it extremely helpful reading your comments and experiences dealing with RA as I have had RA for approx 3 years now I'm 31 years old and have always lived a busy lifestyle i work long hours in construction and have always worked out in the gym and played rugby so it's a shock to my system trying to cope with RA as I am struggling to do activities I normally could do easily I wake up sometimes exhausted and do feel tired most of the time but as we all know the bills still need paying,Having RA has definitely affected me not just physically but mentally aswell as sometimes I feel very low in meself but other times I'm happy as can be look forward to speaking you all soon

Gaz xx

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Hiya Gaz

Welcome . It is a very helpful forum , with lots of lovely people .

Take care



Welcome to our lovely site,we have a laugh,a moan and a downright vent,but we all come together to support each other darling.xxxx


Welcome Gaz, I'm sure you never imagined to be in this position so young! My only suggestion for you is to try and cut down your long hours at work, because fatigue seems to follow us everywhere and construction work, I imagine, is extremely wearing physically. Mentally, we all have our highs and lows as I'm sure you will have read on this site, but there is support here when you need it. Take care. xo


Welcome Gazza85,

I can definitely relate to your current frustration. Trying to reinvent yourself takes time.

I was running two businesses when I became incapacitated.

I have come to depend on this site to maintain my sanity lol

I like to think everything happens for a reason. That may seem naive but in my 56 years it has proven true.

Find out what makes you happy and love your best life. There are such exciting developments in medicine, who knows what will be? Do not despair and reach out whenever you feel the need. There is so many facets to consider ; health, drugs, resources, relationships ...you are not alone. Big Big Hugs sent your way. 😘


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