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Fell down a stone staircase

Been RA sufferer for 10 years and on 25mil MTX week

Still get problems and they move around to give the other parts a rest I think. Yes2 weeks ago I tried flying above a stone staircase and landed on all parts of the second half with some part of the left hand side of my body and broke one of my ribs badly. That was a Saturday and now 2 weeks later and no MTX taken for that two weeks. My wrists are magically better and my crooked finger is straightening and no pain from RA anywhere. they say the rib will take 3 to 6 weeks to mend so I have a period of rest from RA. I'll start the MTX again if the pains come back but I now have bruises and breaks to go with pains. This is such a fun disease I'll tell the rheumy at the end of the year what happened

male 71

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Oh I'm so sorry to hear you had a fall. That sounds v painful. Flying is never a good idea without an aeroplane;-) I found that my arthritis got lots better when I had my gall bladder out-but then I was just lying down and not trying to do anything!

I hope your rib and bruises mend quickly x

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Sorry I'm not throwing myself down a staircase to see if my RA improves!

Hope you mend soon and the RA stays at bay.

Regards mike

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Flipping heck! And no-one there to video it for 'you've been framed'. Seriously, what a rotten thing to happen even if it has magically blotted out the RA for a while. I do hope your poor rib mends really fast and that the RA doesn't return anytime soon. Big hugs



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