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R/A with back pain

This is my first time of writing on here about myself. Today with be day 23 of this problem, just be told to lay up, rest and keep moving as little as possible. Have try to lower intake of strong pain killers, but to my cost I am now back where I started, could not get out of bed this morning, husband had to help. Have received letter with date for hospital appointment, next month 27th July.

I do not understand what is happening to me, I have had RA since I was 18 years old, now coming up to 58, but all the things you are told or find out over the years to help you when you have a bad period, just do not seem to be working. had an MRI scan done of my lower back with result showing on going R/A and was told other problems, that may require surgery, but this will all be explained at the appointment next month.

I am trying not to worry about work.

Would be glad of any help or advice, I am willing try anything now just so I can get back to feeling a bit pain free, yes I know we our not pain free, but a pain level that I can manger with, at montment very movement is quite painful, find I cannot sit or stand for no longer than 5 - 8 min periods, then have to lay down flat on my back with no pillow, as this seem to make my neck have pain on one side.

Thank you all for just being here. Carol

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Oh dear you are having a bad time at present. It can be so difficult to manage. But I find I have to move frequently or the pain is worse. Is it possible for you to get to a warm swimming pool where you could do some stretching exercises with the support of the water?


I agree with you about heat and moving around, this is what I would normal do, but Dr's have advised that I try not to move around and to rest up, using hot water bottle or heat pads, in lower back area, but it just seem nothing that worked in the pass seem not to work now. Getting quite fed up.

Thank you for your help and advice

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