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I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine, just saw my consultant for the second time since my diagnosis now been told that the methotrexate isn't working for me. Now on 20mg daily of Leflunomide as well as the 25mg of methotrexate weekly. I have to take it until the Leflunomide kicks in, feel a bit deflated really as thought I'd be feeling better by now. Still not moaning as my family have supportive. Now off to take my blood pressure as the combination has caused it to become high. Hope you all have a lovely day,don't get too warm.xxx

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It often takes a while to find the correct treatment for each individual unfortunately. We are still at the trial and error stage of treatment, but things are looking good for future more individualised treatments - but I don't think it's going to benefit me in my lifetime!


I agree that what suits one doesn't suit another. I have a really good consultant and nurse that I can talk to which is really good. I start a physio group soon so will meet people with the same problems , I'm also trying to become healthier by diet and swimming.


Many of us are on double therapy, I am currently, but, similarly to what you're experiencing, in the first year following diagnosis it was hydroxychloroquine which became less effective & methotrexate was added, until the MTX took control then the HCQ was stopped. It's LEF I'm on as double therapy with MTX, so the same as you currently.

What you are probably aware of, but still your response understandably was to be deflated, is although wish as we may for the first med we try to be our miracle med, the one that controls us, it rarely happens that way. Unfortunately as you are learning it's not that simple, you haven't been diagnosed very long & RD is such it can take a while to find the cocktail that works best for you. This of course means trying different combinations of meds until you find the ones that bring you under control. For example, I'm on my 4th DMARD & not doing too badly but there's room for improvement!

Do ensure that at each drug monitoring blood test your BP is taken. My BP is normal usually but LEF did affect it for the first 6 weeks, happily it's back to normal now.


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