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Waiting until it finally STOPS!! My legs( knee down) My feet, My toes(tips and under) My calves, My shins, the tops of my feet. HURT HURT!!

Nothing I've tried can stop the coming and going of pain I have from the knees down. My knees don't hurt just everything underneath them. Not always and usually any where at any given time. What hurts the worst are the toes and pads of feet. The toes feel as is they are being crushed and stuck I Hot coals while my shins itch and large muscle in my calf hurts to the touch. I have several spots in my lower legs that have no feeling and This happen in both legs equally amount and sometime in both but more often it moves from one to the other as it pleases. I have had both hips replaced and one had to be redone three months later because of dislocation issues. That was hard time and I am sure a lot of stuff was torn

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