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Good Advice

Thank you all for your good advice.

I went out on Friday night and had 3 glasses of rosè but spread out over the whole night. I was fine yesterday except for being extremely tired and today I feel fine. I think maybe as im just starting with drug and only just had 2 doses, that it may not be in my system yet. I take my 3rd dose tonight.

Its all quite scary for me just now and im still trying to get my head around the fact that this wonderdrug can affect your life style so much although I will say id much rather be pain free than risk it for a drink. Im not really a drinker anyway. Just on social occasions.

Im very fortunate that I had 2 injections at the start of my treatment which has helped with all the pain as before this I struggled to walk without excrutiating pain and with my job im on my feet most of the day. Waking up pain free is the best feeling in the world! My rheumy nurse has told me she will inject me again on 6th July so as im pain free for my wedding and honeymoon as the MTX wont be effectively in my system yet so im happy with that.

Im really hoping as time goes on im able to take the drug and not think about it as right now its constantly in my head and I do struggle with the fear of how it can affect me.

You guys are brilliant in helping me so I thank you for that 😃

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Hi Angie

Glad to hear you were able to enjoy your night and that things feel a bit better for you generally.

MTX can be a wonder drug for many and many have no significant ill effects from taking it.

I have been taking it for over six months now and if honest, whilst I used to dread the thought of taking it, it's now just another set of tablets that I take - the worry and dread does leave you when you are feeling the continued benefits of the drug .

Best wishes for your wedding and honeymoon and enjoy the odd glass of wine- I do and have always been fine.



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