Sadness with proudness

We complain.we are in pain.we moan.we pray & hope our condition will ease..we pray for a miracle..But after watching.crying & saying many a prayer for the awful events in the last months.I find myself thinking that always worse off everywhere...I also have the proudest of news although a worry.that 2 of my sons have yesterday gained enrollment..1 As a reserve fighfighter.the other as a security protection officer.. With everything in this world at min I'm so proud of their courage..that is what gives me the strength to never give in or give up.😀😀

4 Replies

  • Such a lovely post. And so very true in light of recent events. Good luck and safety to your two brave sons. You must be very proud .

    Sharon 🌸

  • Thank you..I am very son's 18 & 27.. So young & yes so brave.xx

  • Sounds like you've raised two very caring and brave young men- you should be proud!

  • I try not to say anything about pain etc, I see it as a condition not a ailment as many people are far worse off than me, as for your sons, we need more like them in this world. What a proud mother you must be! Smiles make the pain easier, which I'm sure your boys bring to you!

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