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Let's learn to Make Some Noise !

I read an article recently which states 650,000 people in my province BC, have RD.

Wow, that is what I call clout. Why are we not demanding the medical and support services we deserve. I have worked full time for forty years. I have paid more than enough MSP, Taxes, and premiums that I have a right to demand adequate health services. I am done with these insane waiting periods and zero information from ' health care'.

The only real benefits have come from this group. It is a sad state of affairs. There is a six month wait period for counselling ? Really hope you were not suicital. Technology may have some advantages but humanity is not one of them. I think it is high time we begin to provide those services ourselves. RD affects people from all walks of life so why not use the resources inherent in the membership itself. I would prefer the advise of someone who has experienced the nightmare I find myself living with. I am very grateful that my life has always provided challenges. It has prepared me for the devastating affect of debilitating illness. I have discovered that there are very limited / non existent support services in Vancouver and worse still for outlying regions.

A return to community. We use to work together to solve common issues so why can we not go back to doing just that. The principles are the same just a larger audience.

To all Londoners, my sincere sympathy for any and all affected by the fire. Such devastating loss of life. Let's learn to work together to support each other.

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Well said Damaged- I'm in!

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One of the things that people in our local NRAS group say is how much meeting others with the disease helps them. They find out ways to manage that they hadn't thought of, people who can help, how to get referred for other help (that they hadn't been offered), what treatments do what, and what complementary treatments help and which should be avoided. We have speakers about various aspects, but the main benefit is from other.

If you don't have a support group - then start one. If you are in a rural area, it might need to be on-line, but face-to-face is best!


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