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A time to give thanks!

I just got a text from my daughter. Today is her one day off and she is coming to spend it with me. A long bus ride from Coquitlam to Maple Ridge. She is in her fourth year at SFU. A BioChem degree. My sweetheart has been on the Presidents List every year. She is beautiful but does not seem to be aware of it or is not egotistical in anyway.

I am so happy that she finds the time in her busy schedule to visit with me. She has always worked and continued classes through summer. She takes two weeks off in August but that is it, so dedicated. With CPP Disability she will continue to receive a benefit until she is 25 so she will continue into post graduate studies. My boys went to university as they grew up knowing it was not optional. There decision was what to study. Kristina is my little super star. I know she will accomplish anything she sets her sights on. I am so very grateful my children are all relatively healthy.

I also would like to acknowledge the younger generations. I am so very impressed with there resilient attitude. Despite a terrible diagnoses they push on. Young people just seem to be getting so smart.

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Hi damaged

What a lovely post . It is so easy to lose site of the things that really matter in life.

Congratulations to you too! You've very clearly raised children with great confidence to be able to go out and make their mark in the world.

Best of luck to you and yours.


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Hear ,hear, have a loverly day with your daughter.

Regards Mike

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