Hip replacement

I know a lot of you have had hip replacements and I have been waiting for a long while to have mine done. I am at last having it done next Tuesday and I am getting more and more nervous. It isn't just the operation but the fact I have been told that having RA and polymyalgia will make it harder for me to recover. My main fears are DVT's, infection and blood loss, oh and that my leg can swell and remain swollen for a year. Can anyone in a similar situation tell me that they recovered normally. I also take 20 mg steroids and know around the country other people can't have their operations done because of being on too high a dose. I have to stop my arthritis tablet today and I stopped methotrexate last week. When I asked if I should try to reduce my steroids a bit the surgeon told me to leave them as they are. I asked what problem they might cause and he replied "If anything they will help" I take it he means with keeping the blood thin. Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi

    Good to hear that you're finally at the place where you'll receive your new hip.

    I had total hip replacement in both hips, at the same time and I have to say it was absolutely fine. I was up walking ( crutches) the day of op.

    There is nothing to fear, honestly . Be kind to yourself, make sure you have support at home , Do your exercises as required and rest when needed .

    Wishing you the very very best of luck with everything.


  • Thank you. I think there seems to be so many warnings about risks that I suppose they have to tell people to protect themselves. It seemed ages away and now it is getting very close.

  • Hello,

    I had a right hip replacement 2 years ago. Have suffered from RA for over 40 years and have had numerous other replacement surgeries including both ankles. Also on steroids, methotrexate, rituximab etc.

    Surgery a great success, no more pain and an uneventful recovery. I am 65 and also have other health problems including hypogammaglobulaemia. So try not to worry too much. Best of luck to you and let us know how you get on.

    Pam X

  • Thank you.I thought if I heard from some similar people I would feel more positive. Was yours done under general anesthetic? Mine is going to be.

  • Just to let you know I have had my operation and have been home a few days. I am working hard at my exercises. I also find I get very tired, but hopefully each day will be a bit better.

  • Take it easy and be kind to yourself.


  • i have had both hips replaced under general had it done early .morning on my feet by lunch time because of other joint problems knees and others and after you get over the pain of the op it gets better every day and you will feel it was well worth it.Good luck you will be glad you went for it x

  • Thank you. It's hard to imagine I could feel good again after being in so much pain for so long.

  • Just to let you know I had the operation done a week ago and came home on the fourth day. I seem to get very tired but am trying to do my exercises the best I can.

  • Glad to hear it is over and you are on the road to recovery just take 1 day at a time and be kind to yourself

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