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Today i became a volunteer at my local museum, i'll go in as and when i can. Doing this is going to help me feel less bored and able to do things, the hours at work i do aren't enough and having RA is stopping me from finding work, i applied for a local shop a month ago and never got called in for an interview, i put that i have RA but can manage most tasks and hours, but nothing- kind of came across as though they think ill be unreliable and useless, which is how they make me feel, discrimination i think.

All i want is to be treated as an equal and not a problem, i'm fed up....

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Volunteering is always a positive thing to do. Reading between the lines, I'm not quite sure if you have fully accepted that you have to live with and manage RA yourself. I apologise if I'm wrong., but have a look at the NRAS website. There are lots of publications for self management and it's also worth reading some case studies like " The rheumatoid arthritis guy". All the very best.

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