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Raising awareness for us

Folks my fab hairdresser is so understanding of RA having seen the disease progress with me. She has decided to do London to Brighton bike ride 18th June for NRAS, people do still care 🤗 aj Richardson on just giving if you want to support her and a team she has got together. Does anyone else suffer in humid weather or is this unrelated? My joints are like cement has been poured in them!

Good to join up

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Hi Ian I reckon your hairdresser is a hero! I hope she has an amazing experience and raises lots for a good cause. As to this lousy weather well, frankly, I've had enough of being cold, achy, sore and painful. I'm staging a breakout. In an hour and a half our family circus is taking to the road to the sun. Yup, Himself, the woofer and I are off to the sunny Perigord for a month of french loveliness. Hooray!



Hi Ian,

Please say a big thank you to your friend from us - the support is much appreciated.

The weather doesn't seem to affect my Joints much but definitely brings in the fatigues 😴

Thanks again


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It is absolutely brilliant of your hairdresser. Every now and then someone realises RA is not just an ache in the joints, they actually understand it is dreadful disease. I say yippee to that. My grandson recently had his head shaved and raised over £550 for RA. But more importantly raised awareness within his school.


Well done to your hairdresser giver her a hug from me . As to you joints yes i have same problem but mine are worse in the cold damp wether at min today is a good day .


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