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Request from University of Birmingham for family members to take part in focus group and online evaluation of new resource booklet

NRAS are pleased to make you aware of this opportunity for your close family members to participate in the development of an information resource for them as potentially at higher risk of developing RA.

There are two ways to give your feedback 1) fill in an online evaluation form about the resource and/or 2) take part in a focus group in Birmingham either on Thursday 29th or Friday 30th June


As you might be aware family members (especially the brothers, sisters, sons and daughters) of people who have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) may be more likely to develop RA in the future than members of the general public, although it’s important to state that you do not directly inherit the disease. We have developed an information leaflet specifically for relatives of people with RA who might be at risk of developing RA themselves. We would like to evaluate the content and format of this leaflet by discussing it with the people this booklet is designed for. We would therefore be grateful if you could ask any close blood relatives (that is any siblings or children who do not have existing RA) you think might be interested in taking part in our evaluation of this leaflet (either by taking part in a focus group or by completing an online form) to read the message below and to contact us if they are interested and we will send them further information:

Take a look at the latest version of this leaflet yourself click on this link

The focus group will be attended by up to 6 relatives of people with RA and two researchers at the University of Birmingham, and are expected to last for about 60-90 minutes (plus approx. 30 minutes reading the leaflet prior to attending the focus group). Anyone interested in taking part in the focus group study or would like more information please contact either Dr Gwenda Simons or Dr Marie Falahee on 0121 3713235/ 07505626368 or email

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