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Anyone tried this for arthritis or joints

I keep hearing and in one, case meeting one person who uses crushed frankencense which they put into capsules for their back pain and problems with walking . The one I did meet could not walk down her stairs and had to slide down on her backside, according to her after taking these capsules for a couple of weeks she is back to normal running upstairs and doing long walks. The thing is, others I have met (independant witnesses) confirm what she has said , I asked her about it in more depth and it seems the type she takes is Arabic frankencense as it`s the best grade going .

So has anyone heard of this ,tried it even ? What I do know is their are no known side effects to this gum from what I have seen ,but I would ask my doc if it could react with any taken medication just for safety and piece of mind.

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The placebo effect is a very powerful one....

I can't find a single peer reviewed piece of research that shows any repeatable benefits from frankincense for rheumatoid arthritis.

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I had a quick google and found this article from the Daily Mail :) Thanks for the tip! I might try something like this


I've found evidence of small trials for boswellia in RD, though the most recent was in 2011, plenty earlier even going back to 1996 but none that would suggest it was superior to the NSAIDs our Rheumy's can prescribe today. In the main the most common side effect is a sore throat or GERD, for which a PPI would help ease the discomfort.

What concerns me with using both traditional meds together with natural products is the likelihood of a reaction to one or more of the many meds we need to control us. Few of us are fortunate enough to be prescribed just one or two meds but if that is the case for you & you're in need of an NSAID then I'd ask your Rheumy if it's contraindicated with your meds. If not & he rates it then all's well.


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