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Did anyone see Dr Chris Steele on This morning?

One of the things Chris Steele was talking about was raised platelets being a possible sign that someone could have cancer or going to be getting it. Does anyone know what is considered as high as my readings in my Methotrexate booklet are different to the guide lines at the back of the book? It says at the back 1.50- 450 x 109/ L , where as my readings i have are 290, 282 and 362. Would I be considered high or low? Thank you to anyone who understands this.

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I think they've merely used shorthand and not written in the units so you are (e.g.) 290 x109/l which is well in the normal range of between 150 and 450 x109/l. 109 just means 10 to the power of 9 ie a fraction of a litre not a whole one.

Some labs measure in conventional units which are 103/microlitre others use SI units of 109/litre so it all gets confusing. Normally if you are out of RA the lab test report comes back with a "high" or "low" beside the specific reading.


Thank you. I knew someone would know the answer. I have read that there is often an underlying reason why someone has inflammation in their body and just wondered about what I heard today.

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Platlets can be raised when you have a flare and also in response to mtx (I asked a haematologist when mine was raised).


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