Local rheumy unit has 'capacity issues'. Would teaching hospital be better?

Morning :) I was diagnosed with RD April time after visit to second rheumy. First rheumy was little more cautious and 'wouldn't want to say fibromyalgia' but oh whoops she just had. Second rheumy diagnosed RD and started on oral steroids there and then. He said I should start on mtx the following week, however local hospital has significant capacity issues (in rheumy's words) so this hasn't happened as yet. I've now tapered the steroids to 5mg and can cope with the pain at this level which is just as well as painkillers play havoc with my tummy.

I'm wondering if now is the time I should be trying to transfer to a teaching hospital that is a little further away but has a bigger rheumy unit? Found a rheumy there who's been personally recommended but will only see me if we start from scratch - come off steroids etc so he can assess me himself without the steroid masking things. I'd have to persuade my GP to re-refer me then wait for appt etc and not sure how long I'd have to be off the steroids in the interim (ouch the pain) and it will be even further delaying the start of a DMARD that might help protect my joints later on.

If this next clinic at local hosp does go ahead I could be on mtx from mid-June so I should stop wittering about it but it's in my head nonetheless. Any experience/advice welcome.

Sympathies to anyone affected by the events in Manchester this week. Tragic.



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