Dental Cavitation Surgery

Has anyone had cavitation surgery for wisdom teeth extracted years ago? (more than 20 years for me)

I've been having issues with the lower right gum tissue where my wisdom tooth use to sit. It's not that bad and I can chew fine on that side but it's been chronically swollen and irritates me enough making ignoring it difficult. I also get mild pain in my right ear that comes and goes but is much worse if I've been talking on the cell phone for longer periods of time. I thought it was mild RA in my ear joint and haven't been too worried about it.

A friend suggested a Biologic Dentist who took a 3D Scan and says that I have 4 pretty big cavitations where my wisdom teeth were that need to be cleaned out. This surgery isn't something I want to take lightly as it's pretty invasive.

Does anyone have an opinion about Cavitation Surgery or Biologic Dentistry? Is it all rubbish? There's loads of stuff on the internet and yet I haven't been able to make heads or tails of it all. I just know that something isn't right on the lower right side of my mouth and my normal dentist isn't concerned at all about it.

Thanks so much for any experience or thoughts.

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  • Hi,

    Sorry, I've not experienced this, but I just wanted to say I'm sorry you're facing this. Good luck and take care xx

  • Thanks Lizzie. Super kind of you to reply. I'm sure I'll sort it out on my own but getting a good luck from you sure was nice.

    I hope all is going well for you too.

    Take good care x


  • I would get a second opinion from an oral surgeon & maxillofacial surgeon. These surgeons are specialists on the jaw bone, and anything to do with the mouth and face.

    I have learnt the hardway and I would never trust a dentist or biologic dentist with anything other than teeth cleaning, and basic oral health.

    Please don't allow anyone to do a major proceedure that isn't a specailist. This is your life & your health. You deserve to be treated by the best specialist in your area.


  • So true.x

  • I agree with Suzannedale that it would be sensible to get a second opinion from a dental surgeon. Although, just like hairdressers always say your hair needs cutting, surgeons tend to propose some form of surgery....

    Yes, I do believe there's a link between dental health and overall health and RA (my mother was a dentist and firmly believed that dental health was critical), but I personally would try all other options before anything invasive. So in your situation I'd be tempted to spend a month on a mega dental health drive - daily interdental and gum cleaning, mouth washes (good ones 'or simple ones like salt, not cheap alcohol based things), teeth brushing after every bit of food, etc etc etc and see if that had any effect.

    Years ago I had advanced trench mouth (yuck) and was on the point of loosing lots of teeth when I happened across a dental school that wanted people for the students to practice on. They had never seen trench mouth so we're quite excited by it. Anyway I went once a day for deep cleaning for a month and my gums restored themselves. Everyone very happy. Me especially as it was in the States and I had no money and no health insurance, and this didn't cost me a dime.

  • Brilliant post very informative.hx

  • I've never heard of a Biologic dentist but suggest that if your normal and ordinary dentist isn't worried then why are you. So many ways of getting people to pay for treatment that they don't need really. But f course if you don't trust your dentist then perhaps you could seek another opinion before paying out huge sums of money for whatever reason. I think they should be able to show you some proof this treatment id needed if its invasive.

  • A biologic dentist is like a homeopathic one. All alternative treatment and stuff. Replacing amalgam fillings with white ones as the mercury in amalgam is poisoning us all of course🙄. And nothing to do with the big bill they charge for doing it of course.😂

  • Thanks for the reply midway-lady. It's been irritating me for a long time and just won't quiet down so it's not so easy to ignore which is why I'm concerned.

    I've already had three dentists look at it but I agree with you on more proof. That gets tricky. It's the 'We need to open it up to see what's happening but I can assure you 100 % of the time I clean a cavitation it was infected!' Hmmm. I know it sounds dubious which is why I was asking if anyone else had it done.

  • Agree neither have I,it sounds like Baloney sausage

  • If your dentist was concerned about your gums back there and it was beyond their ability, they would have referred you to a dental hospital to see a specialist. If you are concerned about it ask your dentist to refer you. If they won't, change dentist. As for these 'biological' dentists. Let's put it this way, try searching the GDC (general dental council) website for the list of approved specialisation, for which the dentist needs to do several years of post grad study. You won't find anything called 'biological' . So in a nutshell, save your money.

  • Thank you for explaining what they are dtech- never heard of them before. Are they more a US thing? I agree- listen to the docs / dentists who have studied medicine for years rather than the 'alternative' ones. Even then I always research clinical trials etc to make sure I know what's going on!

    L x

  • No, not just US. We have them in the uk too. I suppose it's like other alternative medicines. Everyone to their own🙄. They are qualified dentists but offer these alternative options.

  • I live in the middle of nowhere - getting water is hard enough ( we're on a temperamental bore hole) so perhaps these things haven't reached us yet! X

  • Um but with RA or Lupus you have to be Extra careful with oral hygiene right? I would seek out the local hospital emergency registered dental surgeon in this case to look at the jaw bone for pockets​ of infection that may need antibiotics first? But definitely another opinion ?

  • Thanks for this, dtech. I'm in Switzerland so will need to look into what the next step is.

  • I visited a friend in Zurich a couple of weeks ago, lovely country. OMG how expensive everything is! So dental treatment of any kind will probably be mega bucks. But you maybe have health insurance.

  • I heartily agree Dtech. I had 4 impacted Wisdom teeth extracted under a GA, in a dental hospital more years ago than I care to remember. My dentist referred me to this hospital,& I have never had any trouble since.

  • Biologic dentistry has the same education as mainstream dentristy. They do not use mercury fillings and they advertise this. Now adays no dentist uses mercury in their fillings. I think using the term holistic or biologic dentistry is a marketing ploy as all these dentists have the same education.

    Im happy that the dental profession has improved over the years with their techniques.....but I now don't understand why dentists offer botox injections to remove wrinkles from your face.....

    Whatever happened to dentistry for health instead of it turning into a frivolous spa experience?

  • Erm. Yes dentist do still use mercury in Amalgam fillings Sue

  • Do they reallly? I was told it hadn't been used here since 2001. Gold and porcelain are used instead....I guess I should look into this...maybe I've been seeing a biologic dentist without knowing?

  • Dental amalgam is a liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay. Low-copper amalgam commonly consists of mercury (50%), silver (~22–32%), tin (~14%), copper (~8%) and other trace metals.

  • Gold and porcelain fillings 😂😂😂

  • Oh God. Educate me Dtech. Are porcelain covered gold fillings bad for your health?

  • What have I started?😳. You don't get porcelain covered gold fillings. They are bonded crowns (caps). Where the filed down tooth is covered with a crown which has a substructure of alloy (not necessarily gold) for strength and a bonded surface of porcelain for aesthetics. To make it look like a tooth. Can I go to sleep now? as I have a sore bum because I had a steroid shot in it today.😏

  • hahaha... what have you started?..... You are one super guy, dtech. I really appreciate your knowledge...and your humour ;)

  • I've got 2 !! here known as crowns.

  • Well not in my case, I had an accident at 20 and both front teeth are porcelain over gold. I've got to 60 + no issues ever.

  • Medway lady. They are not porcelain over gold, as porcelain doesn't bond to gold.It's a semi precious alloy. May contain some gold.

  • There are, gold posts and inner obviously not pure, as gold is a soft metal and we would not want bendy teeth ! then two layers of porcelain. And sorry but been with same dentist for over 20 years his predecessor filled them and despite losing one and finding it to be replaced never had a problem.

  • Maybe this will from the Canadian Dental Association be interesting to you Sue

  • Thankyou nomoreheels. It seems I was led to believe something that wasn't true from my previous dentist.

    You are a wealth of knowledge and I really appreciate you. :)

  • Naughty. 😕

  • I've just been educated!!...and I'm not impressed.

    In 2000 Health Canada states

    " In placing and removing amalgam fillings, dentists should use techniques and equipment to minimize the exposure of the patient and the dentist to mercury vapour, and to prevent amalgam waste from being flushed into municipal sewage systems."

    "Dentists should provide their patients with sufficient information to make an informed choice regarding the material used to fill their teeth, including information on the risks and benefits of the material"

    So it is still used here today. So I guess if you don't have extended medical insurance, you get the government paid mercury fillings... :(

  • And amalgam fillings have been used for over 100 years with billions fitted. The chances of someone being affected by the mercury in them is so infinitesimally small that's why it's still used.

  • Thanks for all the replies. I've been going down the route of 'mega dental health overdrive' for over a year now to where I feel like Jerry Seinfeld-- He's completely obsessed with oral hygiene.

    I have been getting dental cleanings every three months instead of six, use an electric toothbrush and floss my teeth three times a day-I never use to do that. I would be lucky if I flossed 3 times a week.

    When I was first diagnosed I read far too many research studies on which lifestyle choices put us at higher risks of getting RA and the dental connection was the only one that made sense to me because all the others just didn't add up. Not a single one except perhaps hormones. I now know there are a plethora of possibilities of why and how but, like you, Helix, I still believe there is a link with dental health and overall health.

    I've actually had three different dentist since my diagnosis. Right before I was diagnosed I chipped a tooth and the emergency dentist did a terrible job and it kept slipping( for lack of a better word) and I would have pain when I drank anything hot.

    Second dentist fixed the chipped tooth but had no idea what was up with the 'mild swelling' on my bottom right tooth because she said my oral hygiene was really good.

    Third dentist ( not the Biologic Dentist) also said he had no idea why there was swelling and thought it may be related to my RA but again, oral hygiene was really good and there was no need to do any kind of deep scaling. I told him he's mistaken me for someone else and to look again because my whole life I have not been the perfect oral hygiene girl and on top of that I get dry mouth from RA and/ or the drugs I take for it so surly it can't be that good.

    That's why I called the Biologic Dentist. He was my fourth and came highly recommended. I researched what happens when there is swelling over an old extracted wisdom tooth and loads of things popped up believing that if it wasn't cleaned out properly or the ligaments handled correctly then it can cause a Cavitation to form which can infect your jawbone. Basically, the bacteria is trapped and the immune system can't reach it and causes all kinds of problems.

    I'm really tired of searching out a solution and wish it was a bit easier going. Thanks again for all your suggestions. All such good advise.

  • My hubby is now calling me the "Deranged Tooth Fairy" in need of a loonie & toonie (the going rate, or so I've been told my my nephew lol )

    I seem to be obscessed with oral health too.

  • Whatever you decide Lucy11 please keep me informed

    All the best to you

    Sue.....aka.....The Crazy Deranged Tooth Fairy

  • Yeah and guess who the deranged tooth fairy's loyal helper is?

    Dtech: aka.. The Dopey denture dwarf. 😂

  • Bawhahaha, aren't we a funny couple of nuts?

    The Deranged Tooth Fairy & the Dopey Denture Dwarf!!.....sounds like a new television show :)

  • If you are seriously worried ask your regular dentist to refer you to a hospital that has a Dental department.....what Biologic Dentistry is I have no idea....I'm sure if it is a recognised branch of dentistry your dentist would be able to advise whether it could possibly help you.

    I had all four impacted Wisdom teeth out many years ago & no dentist after Xrays has ever remarked on 'Capitations'. Do you know exactly what it meant by it just the hole left where to tooth was? Surely if it needs cleaning out you would have had infections in the past that needed treatment? I'd be very wary....maybe a simple (?) course of anti biotics could calm down any irritation,but cutting into a cavity sounds fraught with problems.

  • My final note on this treatment.

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