Hip inflammation

I am awaiting an appointment for a hip replacement which I was told would be in May. (I was told this in April, to be done at a private hospital but on nhs) In the mean time I have been restarted on Methotrexate and am going to start Humira, both of which I will have to stop for the operation. In the mean time my hips including the good one are flaring up and the good one keeps letting me down. I have spoken to a special practitioner nurse today who wouldn't commit herself to tell me to put my steroids up. My rheumatologist told me that I know what to do with my steroids and I have increased them to 21 from the 18.5mg I was on when I saw him 1 month ago. Would you go higher? I feel this may be polymyalgia rather than RA although a month ago I had Poly something added on the letter to my Dr, also Sjogrens. I responded to the 1mg rise within 2 to 3 hours but it only lasted a few days. I am puzzled as I couldn't have my hip replaced two years ago because of inflammation there. Now there is more only in both hips plus Avascular neccrossis in the left hip. Has anyone had their hip replaced with inflammation there or was that an excuse to delay it before?

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  • I had lots of inlamlation before hip replacement. Both hips were in a horrendous state and they replaced both of them together at the same time.

    Wishing you the very best for your op and your recovery.


  • Thank you I am still waiting for a date. hip is much worse. Were you on drugs like Methotrexate and steroids? I keep being told I may take longer to recover as I have other health conditions, such as polymyalgia and Inflammatory arthritis.

  • Morning

    I have ankylosing spondylitis and RA so before surgery I had steroids, which did nothing for me and had tried two Different DMARDS alongside arcoxia and a cocktail of pain killers. I was very lucky by all accounts, as they out me on biologics very quickly indeed. Unfortunately, I have an aggressive form of AS and within five months of diagnosis, I had both hips replaced And then three months after that, both knees replaced ( together, at the same time).

    After this surgery, the conditions were still difficult To get under control so I changed to another biologic and began methotrexate (20mgs) too. I then had surgery on my foot and I'm awaiting news re surgery on elbows.

    Having said this, I feel better now than I have for a long time so the change in biologics and the methotrexate definitely is doing something.

    I do wish you the very best of luck with your hip replacements. I have to say, even having both of mine done together, recovery is pretty straight forward and is manageable. Just make sure you have support around you, especially emotional Support as it is major surgery and can take it out of you a bit.

    Good luck.


  • That is a lot to have had done. I seem to be told by drs how much harder I will find it than if I were a straight forward case, giving me no encouragement, but it is possible as you have shown. I hope your biologic and methotrexate continue to work for you. Hopefully methotrexate will work this time round with my new biologic after my surgery.

  • My view is that nowadays , THRs are so common place that even with combined conditions, the rate of recovery is generally very good. It's a worrying time but try and stay positive 😬

    Yeah, its been a trying couple of years for me where surgery is concerned and although the biologics and Mtx do something, its becoming clear that they're perhaps not doing enough? The damage just keeps on coming?!

    Anyway, onwards and upwards x

  • You have given me encouragement where no one seems to in the medical world. it has already been mentioned I will need new knees at some point. I hope you don't have to have too much more surgery.

  • I Know I'm gong to have my other foot pinned and my elbows replaced and at some point, I will need surgery on my back too apparently. A wee bit to go, I'm afraid.

    However, when that's done, I'll be like the bionic woman and there should be nonstiping me then!

    Please take it easy and just one bit at a time - I've no doubt you'll get there.


  • I had nothing wrong with my knees a year ago, you just don't know what you are going to get next. Apparently my bone scan showed osteopena which my chiropractor says can cause the spine to compress. That's caused by the steroids.If all your joints that have been replaced work and are ok does that mean you can no longer get OA of the hip or can the bone around the new joint be affected? I wish I had thought to ask that at the hip talk I had. The back operations really scare me but I know a lady who has had two operations on her back and recovered really well after. Good luck with your next operation and hope you don't have too many. Angela

  • No stopping me rather - apologies. Typo due to fat fingers this evening!

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