Cream crackered!

Joints and pain not too bad at the moment. Only recently had IM steroid and increase in meds. My problem is I feel about ready for knackers yard!

To be fair, the exhaustion is not as bad as it was, but it takes me an age to do anything! I've just managed to clean out all cupboards, with rests in between. There was a time when I'd have whipped round all that in no time. Now I have to have a lie down after any exertion.

Flipping bored of it. I hope it wears off eventually!

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  • I'm in same boat but with a difference my gallbladder s infected and after being in hospital for 4 days I'm still in agony , I've now got diareea to go with it. The thing that worries me is I'm not able to take my main RA meds and don't know when I will as I've to get my gallbladder out once infections away

  • Hi Popsmith,

    I had to come off my meds whilst I had my gallbladder out- it didn't make that much difference. Try to go with it- rest! It will get better x

  • Hi Nettac,

    I've only been on this site a little while but your name crops up in replies a lot. You are awesome at reassuring others and are so kind. You might feel exhausted cleaning out cupboards ( let em stay dirty I say- save your energy for fun stuff!) But you help so many people. That matters a lot more. I do know how you feel though. We have lots of animals and looking after them takes all my time- I used to do before/ after work and now it's all I can manage!

    Take care,


  • What a kind thing to say Lizzie. I don't think I say anything much, but thanks.

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