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Having inflammation limits using a lot of different sauces, gravies depending on what triggers. With saying that, you all probably eat a lot of Vegetables, and being able to add flavor is such a treat. Have been playing around with trying pure essential oils in many dishes. As many sauces and gravies have vegetable oils which alot of people do not tolerate that deal with inflammation issues. Will explain the difference between Essential oils and Vegetable oils.

PURE ESSENTIAL OILS are extracted from plants but are a DIFFERENT type of "oil" Despite their name, Essential oils are typically non-oily, unlike vegetable oils. VEGETABLE oils used in Cooking have been REFINED or PROCESSED and do not have the same therapeutic properties as PURE ESSENTIAL OILS. Vegetable Oils are from different plants, nuts and seeds, depending on the plant. and crushed to extract the oil, and processed differently than Essential oils, except some cold pressed oils like Avocado and Olive which are cold pressed.

Essential oils are most commonly STEAM DISTILLED OR COLD EXPRESSED from a plant. Essential oils are extracted from the glandular hairs, sacs, glands or veins of a plant, including flowers, trees, grasses, leaves.and roots.

The body processes the Pure Essential oils differently than the veg oils, PURE ESSENTIAL OILS also have many THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES that HELP TO ASSIST in your HEALTH. Avocado and Olive oils which are cold pressed do have Therapeutic properties, they are also processed by the body differently than vegetable oils that are refined and processed. The PURE ESSENTIAL OILS BEING NATURAL the body recognizes them differently and processes the Pure Essential oils and cold pressed oils TO HELP ASSIST in the body

Some of the dishes I have made are like cooking a stir fry and adding a drop of Lemongrass and wild orange at the end of cooking it, I sometimes just add some fennel, or depending on which type of meat I am cooking. I will add a drop of lemon or cilantro to rice once in a while when I eat it. Cooking fish I will brush it with coconut oil with a couple of drops of lemon, or a herb oil that I am wanting to use. The coconut oil keeps it moist and the oils add flavor. The same for chicken, will mix up coconut oil with the oils maybe Rosemary, and wild orange and brush it over it. Made roasted Brussels sprouts and put Olive oil, with lemon, thyme essential oil on them Also a carrot and parsnips saute and added Rosemary and a tiny bit of butter with some honey to make a glaze on them. . I know butter is a no no but it was Easter. Making a marinade,, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sweetener, and the Pure Essential oils I want to accent with. Usually a drop will do or even a toothpick swirl. Doing a dip, adding it to Greek yogurt, or making a salad dressing, I have a favorite wild orange vinaigrette , is so good. I add wild orange to my apple crisp, or coconut milk mouse, or a custard. lemon can be used too or cinnamon. There are a few to choose. The great thing about using the oils is not having to chop up the fresh ones which only keep for a short time. The oils keep for a long time and are economical to use. Also the smell and taste are like using the fresh herb or zest from the citrus choices.

REALLY IMPORTANT to choose Essential Oils that are PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS and recommend to be used in food. Anyone wanting some recipes I can attach if you PM me, or more ideas to use them. Or any questions.

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  • I was under the impression that most essential oils are oil based as they use a carrier oil, like almond or olive, along with the fragrance/taste molecules? Ok you only use a tiny bit, but still oil.

    I used to make them at home to carry me through the winter months when fresh herbs not available (or too expensive). These days I either bring pots of herbs indoor to just keep herbs in the freezer! Basically I found the taste pretty much the same.

  • Yes you do use oils with the essentials oils, but the oils I mention, Coconut ,Avocado, and Olive Oil, are all anti inflammatory oils which are NOT going to make pain or inflammation worse, if anything improve. The carrier oils are cold pressed,UNLIKE say canola oil, or sunflower oil. When I use the pure essentials oils in cooking I usely mix them in with a sm tsp of the carrier oils I mentioned. Yes it is great that your able to do the herb pots and have them, but some are not able too and do not grow them, so having the oils can be handy. When using oils topically say for Aroma Therapy the Olive, Avocado , Coconut oils are called carrier oils and used to spread the essential oil and add additional therapeutic properties to the massage. The fragrance and molecules are in the essential oil. How the oil is processed makes a difference, when it is picked \ time of day, location of source, environment factors, all affect the quality, smell and purity of the oil. It takes a lot of plant to get enough to make a 10 to 15 ml pure oil. That is another area of Essential Oils and can share if you like. Thanks for your comment..

  • This sounds good but when heating olive oil the temperature can alter its chemical make up and give a saturated fat effect.

    You can olive oil in salads and reep its benefits

  • Coconut oil doesn't change, that's why best when heating👍🏻

  • For sure, and has so many benefits

  • Yes Olive oil is best not to heat. I generally only use cocunut oil but thanks for mentioning that.

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