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New drug in my mix, Etanercept!


Hi Everyone -

just wanted to provide an update re my meds and where I am since prognosis Nov 16.

Also to gain feedback on Etanercept (injections) I would love to hear your experience. The thought of injections 😬 Yikes.

From July this will be my drug for life!

So I visited my Rheumy today, he carried out an Ultrasound on my feet and ankles. This is where I have severe inflammation 😬I was on Predinisone for 1 month only - he said he would have expected the inflammation to have gone, although it's reduced it is still very apparent - hey ho.

Recommendation is to continue with the Methrotrexate 8 tabs, plus Hydroxychloroquine 2 per day. Add into the mix come July Etanercept

Although early days my ESR is 15 (was 21) CRP is 3 (was 29). Looks like despite my resistance against tablets I need them 😌 They are helping. Plus the injections should make a difference he claims. It's onwards and upwards with meds!

I would like to thank those of you with your encouraging words, as I kept worrying about side effects and taking these pills, but they have allowed me to walk.

Virtual hugs to you all. Stay blessed. 🌤🌼 Hessie x

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Hope you get on ok with it I take Benepali a Bisomar which is the same as Enthrachept, I have been on it since July with 20mgs mtx and has been working well until a few months ago but getting a lot off fatigue at moment and have been in bed since Tuesday as have been totally exhausted with no energy and lower abdomen pain , but hey ho that's what we have to put up with having this horrible disease xxx

Hessie5 in reply to popsmith1874

Thanks Popsmith. Here's hoping too. Keen to find something that works!

I have been on Etanercept for about 8 years, along with 20mg of Methotrexate. Although I still get flares, I'm generally much better than I was after diagnosis in 2004. I'm only stiff in the morning during flares.

I started Enbrel November 2012, it started its magic the next day, really couldn't believe how lucky I was. My specalist nurse and the nurse who came to my home for my first injection both told me that this sometimes happens.

I was told at my 12 week assessment that i was in remission and i still am!!!! It's been a truly life changing drug for me. Before I started it i was in so much pain everywhere, could hardly walk.

Apart from a flare two years ago i have been virtually pain free, i don't take any pain relief at all. I've had no side effects either. I also take Mtx. I'm off Enbrel at the moment due to having cataract surgery in a few weeks so fingers crossed I've got enough in my system to keep me well.

I hope it works its magic for you!

Hessie5 in reply to Paula-C

Thanks Paula - I only wish he could let me start it now. But have to go through the protocol, just seems ridiculous as yesterday foot flare so bad,today I am confined to bed - so much for a month worth of Prednisone 😏

Hi Hessie,

For the last thirteen years I have put up resistence towards my wonderful rheumatologist whenever a new med has been suggested, Each time he would eventually make me realise the difference they can make to our lives. I discovered that without them there will be inflammation but my lack of knowledge mae me think, "Oh I'll just ride the storm, it's agony but it's better than unwelcone chemicals raging around my body". The reality is that inflammation in that little finger, knee or hand is inflammation in the body. With auto immue disease and our faulty immune systems, that inflammation can go on the attack at anytime to any of our internal organs. Not wishing to be dramatic but I needed to hear that before I really put my health in the hands of the professional but at the same time keeping control myself. I always discuss and make suggestions myself. Take the meds, stay well and be happy. Btw, I'm now on Rituximab infusions, but Etanercept was fantastic when I was on it. The key is sooner rather than later. X

Hessie5 in reply to juneann

Hi Juneann - thank you for you sharing your story with me. Certainly food for thought. I shall start the Etanercept come July. Bad flare day yesterday couldn't walk just feel disheartened after spending a month on Predinosone! Felt it just plastered the pain. Your story put it all in prospective so well.

juneann in reply to Hessie5

Please keep me updated. Etanercept really did turn my life around and save my sanity. Wishing you well. X

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