I made some nettle soup. Not quite as many nettles as there should have been. I hadn't really planned on making nettle soup until I saw the nettles, so wasn't adequately prepared. No gloves...ouch!

Good soup though. Nettles are supposed to be good for arthritis, both injesting and placing leaves on sore points. I think I prefer to eat it, though being stung does make you forget about original pain!

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  • Looks delicious yes I've also heard that very good for decreasing inflammation😊👍🏻

  • Looks yummy. I've never had nettle soup. Want to share your reciepe?

  • Sure!

    Onions, garlic, potato carrot, nettles. I also had some celery so threw that in. I fried all ingredients in hemp seed oil, but any oil is fine. Then added veg stock and simmered until cooked.

    You can blend it, or not, if you like chunky soup. I blended some and left the rest chunky. Add a dollop of yogurt, sour cream or plant yogurt. Whatever you fancy.

    It's really good!

  • Thank you.

  • Make nettle bread and butter pud its yum

  • I try to drink nettle tea because I read that it was good for RA - its a fine line between which is the worst nettle tea or RA!!

  • Bleh! Nettle tea is evil! Soup is better.

    I was doing so well eating a nice nutritious soup. About half an hour later I was starving, so I made spelt cinnamon biscuits. Oh...way beyond delicious. In fact probably sinful! I can feel parts of me swelling as I type.

  • I love nettle tea, I must be odd, mind you its in bags from H&B. The soup looks very interesting, none in the garden at the moment, could be like you if I found them when I was out, no gloves and they sting like mad !

  • Nettles are wonderful for many things. This looks really tasty!

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