Being on methotrexate and humera

I recently traveled and moved to a different country. My flare ups was so bad. Vomiting and couldn't eat. Took me a month to find a good doctor so my friends say. I was diagnosed with lupus and R.A and been giving methotrexate and humera injections. Told my new doctor he laughed and said humera won't help u and said I won't be needing it and only gave me methotrexate pills. I'm worried bc I know humera helped me idk what to do was he right did the doctor mis treat me with pills.


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4 Replies

  • I had a similar experience a while ago. I moved countries and had to find a new rheumatologist. The first one I saw wanted to change the treatment I had been on for 4 years without being able to explain why. I found a different doctor!

    You have to expect that each country will be a bit different in the way they treat RA & lupus, and they might want you to change treatment. But the doctor must be able to explain why. Which country are you now in?

  • I'm in Dubai for now. Moved from California for a job. He's supposed to be top doctor here.

  • Also he gave me the meth and didn't agree to humira without doing a blood test. He did a blood test later on

  • How long did u take them together?

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