hammersmith Hospital Du Cann rd

hammersmith Hospital Du Cann rd

Hi All well last Tuesday had my first visit to the new place, first impression wasn't to bad, bit chaotic mind you. The booking computer had me in area D, after going there finding no one in went and lunch indifferent plastic meal got my 10p discount by wearing my NHS badge. SODEX are a typical money first company which seem to be sneaking in behind drawn curtains in our NHS services. Anyway I digress back to area D, brilliant recipitions said OH you not here your in area B, so of I trog to area B, whilst I was there the wonderful receptionist appeared said Craig CAN YOU COME WITH ME PLEASE!! doh apparently the rheumy nurse had moved rooms again, so she was just making sure I got to the right place, it was only 100ft or so around a corner but it made a difference. I thought that was very kind of her, as she didn't have to come looking. Any way about 30 seconds later was in with my new nurse, had a long discussion re certain drugs and anti inflammatory which arent working , having checked me over and noticing my hands were swollen and a couple of other things!! feels I would benefit from going onto biological's . she is going to speak with DR Mo and recommend this, well we will wait and see, So all in all it was a good visit. warmest to one and all ps the photo is of the scrubs lol

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  • Oooh that's interesting - did you get shunted over from Charing Cross? I am still there under doc Mackworth young but seems the nurses have all gone to Hammersmith? Last time I popped my head into the rheum dept at Charing Cross it was gone! 🙃

  • Yes, I did indeed get shunted over,but I am still under my Dr from charring cross, life rolls on lol .

  • Ah I have my first appt over there in 10 days. Been at Charing x since 2001 so very strange. I heard that rheumy outpatients is now closed at Charing x so only ward rounds/private there and still some research teams I believe. How do you find Dr Mo? I have Dr Ellis and of course the lovely nurse Antonia who really helped with support for my PIP application.

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