Hope your week has been going ok so far :)

Can any one help, or suggest some RA suitable contraception!!

This evening i had my implant removed as it had run out. I opted for the contraceptive injection. But was only told afterwards that the injection isn't normally recommend if you have arthritis. As it can lower your bone mass.

Just wondered what other people used?

I am seeing the rhem nurse in 4 weeks. But before xmas they said it was up to me and could really suggest anything.

On a completely seperate note, hope you have all been enjoying broadchurch, just about to catch up :) :) xxx

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  • oo whys it so life changing!

  • What I would suggest wood be to spend a day in a children's nursery and if that doesn't work, say NO. Or tie a knot in it, I'm jealous, can't you tell lol. Good luck.


  • Agree with you totally.

    When I first met my now husband he had got three children from his previous marriage.Believe me, they were the best contraceptive on the market at the time and in all the years I still dont think theres anything to beat them .However they have now grown up with children of their own -- no further comment !



  • Completely agree re Mirena coil. Well worth considering and changed my life after years of problems with periods and PMT.

  • why not another implant? If you had it long term the first time, it sounds as if it suited you. Have it in the other arm?

    Or I would second a progesterone only intrauterine device like Mirena.

  • I had a second implant inserted and it made my life hell. I'm depress, anxious, moody, emotional. I'll cry, then laugh and then get angry. Nightmare.

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