Squash and AS

Does anyone have issues with Squash being a issue. Are all squash a starch veg . A lot of the foods that seem to be okay for AR are not good for AS due to the starch content. My Son is so limited to what he can eat and is doing no gluten, dairy and no starch. He has have been told with the no gluten to also be aware of potatoes and rice starch that can be substituted in the product. Eating out is a real challenge. Will be seeing a Nutritionist in a couple of weeks, had first Rheum apt today. He does a lot of research on what he can eat. Can enjoy a lean grass fed red meat once a week. So that is a treat.

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  • Hi there. This is such a complex and personal area - and after a recent thread on the benefits or not of a certain diet I'm almost reluctant to re-enter the topic! I feel for you and your son. For you as a Mum/Dad(?) it's wretched to watch a child of whatever age struggle. Sounds like he's determined to find a way forward though. I have had RA for 36 years now and early on, because the treatments were poor compared to nowadays, I took my diet very seriously. You name it, I tried it. Some things helped a bit but most were a waste of time. At one point I did some really whacky things (didn't drink any liquids for 24 hours - a Naturopath thought I'd pass crystals. Hmmm. I walked barefoot in morning dew, can't recall what that was supposed to achieve) and

    cut out so many foods that my weight dropped from 10 to 7.5 stone). However I did decide that chilli and paprika increased inflammation in my joints. After all that I still couldn't arrest the disease and ended up, mercifully, on Biologics when I'd 'failed' on every other drug. Now I can eat pretty much anything as my RA is in remission.

    I think we all have to find our own way and listening to others could be a helpful part of that. I hope your son won't eschew drugs as I did for 10 years, it cost me a lot of bone damage. And yes, I do have problems even now with squash - they seem to stop my digestion in its tracks. Very best wishes to you both.

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