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A couple of days ago I posted about perceptions of RD compared to other conditions and received some very interesting and informative replies. Thanks to those who responded.

However I realise that some of the words I used offended some people who may have thought I was implying that certain diseases and conditions were 'glamorous ' which of course they absolutely are not. This was in no way intentional and I am very sorry that it came over that way. Hugs to all.

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I read your post and I didn't take offence. My understanding of what you meant was that rheumatoid service provision compared othera was a bit of a Cinderella service?

However, I guess it's about the meaning we attach to words and some may not hear "sexy" in the same way they may hear "high tariff" for example? Hope that makes some sense?!

I think very mindful of you to apologise.


Thank you- that was indeed what I meant but maybe could have used different terms.

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I got that; I'm sure others will have too.

Give yourself a break - we are all only human and there are times, for whatever reason, we are upset and vent, without censor and we don't get the tone or whatever right, risking the upset of others but it is clear your intent was not to upset or offend, but to highlight a valid point.

Breathe .


I agree. I totally got what you meant Bookworm55.


I'm sure everybody understood your intention BW & was not offended.

Having had one 'glamorous condition' & RA I can confirm that on the whole the so called glamorous conditions are perceived as needful of more attention & sympathy than RA, which I find is brushed off as ' a few aches & pains' by most people.

I think this attitude may be internalised by some - who to put it bluntly - are really scared of the glam diseases,but ignorant of RA don't feel threatened by it.

Signed : Trainee Psychologist AC!


No apology needed as far as I am concern.

My other 1/2 was diagnosed diabetic the day after my RA diagnosis.... instant free meds, free eye sight tests and a whole shed load of understanding that RA and other autoimmune diseases don't get but my RA impacts upon my life far more than my partner's diabetes does on their life!



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