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Swollen and painful left knee

My wife's left knee area is swollen and painful at the cap. We are not sure but it thought may occured after an injection in the buttocks after pregnancy abortion. We have used cyprotab twice and ha joined the cyprotab the second time with flotac and baclofen use as directed by the physician. no blood test carried out thus far. the swelling is still there as well as the pain. Please help with possible diagnosis, prognosis and alternative treatment.

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Hi Tibrahim. We're not in a position to give medical advice as such, we can only speak from our own experience.

There are so many possibilities, your wife really needs to pursue this with a doctor. Has she got blood tests lined up? As you are posting your question here, I guess you are thinking she may possibly have rheumatoid arthritis or some other form of inflammatory arthritis and blood tests would be one of the first steps to take.

Many women find that inflammatory arthritis first shows itself after pregnancy and I expect that includes aborted pregnancies. I am sorry to hear she has been through this. You could ask your primary care doctor for a referral to rheumatology if he or she thinks that's appropriate. If, and it is really just one of many 'ifs', she does have inflammatory arthritis, the outlook can be pretty good with prompt treatment.


I'd recommend she goes to her GP or back to the physician, whoever the prescriber was. If the medication she's been given isn't helping then he needs to see her so he can examine & prescribe as necessary. This is a support site in the UK for those with Arthritic diseases & as such we're not medically qualified so are unable to give medical advice I'm afraid.

I hope things ease for your wife soon. She must be in considerable pain if the meds she's taking haven't helped. If from this she's diagnosed with any of the inflammatory arthritis diseases do let her know she'd be most welcome here.

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