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I love this forum it has helped give me a better understanding of RA. I was on MTX until a fortnight ago when my bloods came back with a high liver spike. Rheumatologist stopped my meds and off I went for another blood test, it came back the same. So on prednisone again until more tests next week. My question is apart from the hair loss, skin rash, liver issues etc has anyone experienced kidney issues? Without going into to much detail I drink lots of water but i am definitely dehydrated. Even stopping the MTX hasn't improved the problem. I'm not sure what else to do.

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  • Just had a really positive appointment with my RA consultant here in Plymouth, I was seen promptly and Dr Mark Perry called me in and listened without hurrying me up or interrupting. Took me of Sulphursalazine as I had an intense itchy rash on both forearms and WE decided I should try a low dose of MTX by needle along with Hydroxy (which I am tolerating ok).. The We in capitals is because I really felt my input was taken into consideration....then I was asked if I minded if two trainees asked me questions, didn't mind at all..was happy to help if it meant we would eventually have two more Drs helping to combat this total I had 45 minutes of consultation and came home feeling wellcared for and uplifted...will let you know how I get on with the MTX injections, not looking forward to that.

  • Are you saying that your blood tests showed that your kidney function was affected? I'm not quite clear what you are asking?

    I did find that I had to drink more when I was on Methotrexate, but I am on medication for hypertension that also tends to make me dehydrated.

    Or are you asking about feeling dehydrated? If you are thirsty all the time for example?

  • I am always thirsty and have 2-3 litres of water a day

    I've been told it's possible I may have sjogrens but not officially. Also wake up with dry sore and gritty eyes and often my voice might become hoarse.

    I was told by the opticians that I have signs of scarring from dry eyes and they advised to have lots of water

  • Thank you Matilda, it sounds mean but I'm just glad to know these symptoms are real and others have similar.

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