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I am from Australia hello everyone wherever you are hope you are doing wel. I would like to know it is recommended you start sulpasalazine first dose once a day for one week does it matter if you start the week in the middle of the week and count weekly from there and does it help with stiffness and. how lo ng does it. take to work and any side effects I need to worry about I believe it is tolerable thank you all

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Hello Rocky, You can start sulphasalazine any day of the week. Sulpha takes 3-6 months for full effects . You can start to fill improvements in RA between 4-8weeks but please don't start counting your weeks until you reach your full daily dose. Goodluck to you

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I agree totally with suzannedale, the only side effect I have is bright orange wee!!

Hiya Rocky. When I took SSZ I just started it the day I had my prescription filled, it doesn't matter which day you start as it's a med you take every day, unlike methotrexate which unlike other DMARDs is only taken once a week. It's normal to start on a low dose & have it increased until you find the appropriate dose for you.

This link might help, it gives more info on SSZ arthritisresearchuk.org/art...

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