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Pain relief


Hi all.

Just over 6 weeks in and on balance I think OH is responding to the methotrexate. In general and most of the time his joint pain isn't as bad as it was. But when it is bad, it seems more painful than ever. He's had particularly bad gout type pain in one thumb and one foot. Also really bad cramps in feet and lower legs. Does anyone else get this, because he's worried it's to do with the DVT he had just after starting prednisolone.

Main question though is about pain relief other than the steroid. Until now he's just used paracetamol, but sometimes that only works for half an hour, if at all. What do you all take and who prescribes it? Or do you think he needs to get the prednisolone put back up (he's down to one a day now).


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Hi Chickenkeeper,

He can speak to his GP about getting stronger medicinal pain relief. There are also other non-medicinal things that he may want to try to see if they help. I'm sure there will be lots of helpful suggestions from the members on here but he may want to look at acupuncture, hydrotherapy, TENS, massage and the use of hot and cold. Gentle exercise can sometimes help as well.


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

I have naproxen on an 'as needed' prescription from my GP and it's in 500mg doses but I can take 2 or 3 twice a day for a very short period.

I've used soluble aspirin in the past as a stop gap but I have no gastric issues and also have access to lazpropazone (or what ever it's called!) which I take now with any NSAID med just to be sure.

Gentle range of movement exercises like rotating & flexing his wrists and ankles, scrunching and flexing his fingers and toes may help (in a warm bath with a gentle oil in it is soothing).

But I would be sure to rule out DVT being active asap and speak to GP.

All the best



I use tramadol and paracetamol together, which can be effective. I also take 90mg of arcoxia per day and this does seem to help with inflammation .

What a lovely oh you are!!!!

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