Feeling down

So just had my rheumy appointment and I had been fairly settled on sulfazalazine. She wants to add in Mtx although I tried last year and got bad migraines and then hydroxy too. From what I've read it's a fairly normal combination but I'm scared of those migraines. Also found out my CCP wasn't >140 which I thought it was infact >340

Just want to cry!

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I bet you're fed up b to she's gonna get it under control and if they disagree with you just call them it's a step forward to getting you controlled xxxx mwah


I'm not surprised you feel like crying. These are scary sounding drugs you're talking about but if they control the RD well worth it. If they don't suit you your Rheumy can find other meds that will, perhaps. Huge gentle hugs coming at you



It's good she wants to treat you so aggressively with your high CCP. At least she's treating your disease seriously. It maybe well worth persevering with the mtx as the side effects will probably pass. My CCP is 298 but my Rheumy is dithering and Im only on 15mgs mtx, plus prednisalone 10mgs "to see if it helps" so I'm envious of your responsive Dr x


Hi I can't take methotrexate it made me very unwel tried it twice I understand how you feel


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