Not sure to plan a lot after first visit to Rhuematoid Dr. for AS

Going to see Rhue at end of month, but also trying to find work. Was just wondering if planning to travel over to mainland Vancouver BC from Island after Appt the same day of apt and then do applications and talk to recruiter's etc the next day or two after. Just wanting to know if this would be a good move as not knowing if you are sore after being examed how sore one may be. Not on meds as of yet, feeling fairly good with diet, exercise and taking anti inflammatory vit , along with massage with Essential oils for inflammation. 27 and diagnosed in Jan 2017 Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  • Physically you shouldn't feel any different from what you do now. If they examine you it's gentle so any discomfort only last a few minutes. And any tests would be non-invasive like an X ray, or just a couple of blood tests.

    Emotionally you could feel either very buoyed up by the appointment, or flattened and depressed by it. Depends on what you are expecting to get, and what you actually get.

  • Thanks, just trying to be


  • Have a fairly positive outlook on what needs to happen. have a strong support system. Doing all that I can at the moment to keep it at bay. Will do what is needed to maintain a healthy and best possible lifestyle. Spent four years working super hardtop get degree in Bachelor's of Computer Science and really need to use that hard earned work to better my future. One thing is I hope to in the future to be able to do remote work which I can then do it from home. It is hard to know like all of you how the situation will go.

  • And just be sure to take your supplements and EOs along with you for treatment at night. Also maybe take something like an Alleve (NSAID) (if you can take them) for first thing in the mornings after your breakfast. That should help you be pain free for your interviews I hope. I LOVE the NSAIDS, but I cannot take more than 1 a day at most without issues.

    Wishing you the best of luck in everything there...

  • Yes the supplements and EO are great, not on any meds at the moment. Yes Nsaid work too. Thanks

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