I want some information about negative pinot andibodies

hello sir I want some information.sir my medical report pinoy antibodies is negative come so very bouther about my medical report so please what have my report any afraidis there so plead let me know sir .my weight also reduces and my stomach pain back pain also have so please what is my report please explain me sir .....thankyou

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The site is for people who might have a disease called rheumatoid arthritis. If you have this you get very bad pain in your joints, swelling ad stiffness around the joints too. Sometimes you can get other symptoms too such as sore tummy and losing weight.

There is a blood test to say if you have the disease so the negative, or positive. However in rheumatoid this is not a very clear test. I have rheumatoid but do not have it in my blood so I'm negative too!

But the treatment is the same. So chat with your doctor and they might do more tests such as xrays or ultrasound. Also take pictures of any swelling or redness and write down when you have paint show them. Good luck


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