Dexa scan

Hi everyone. I went for my first dexa today. Scanning my hip was no problem. When the radiographer (lovely lady😀) came to scan my lower spine she had great difficulty getting my position correct. I thought I was lying straight, but I wasn't. She asked me if I had a curvature, and I told her not that I was aware. Now I'm slightly worried. Have any of you had a similar experience? Please let me know if you have.

A quick update to my last post - my rheumy nurse reduced the hydroxy down to 200mg, which was okay for a couple of days, then bang! Severe nausea, cramps and 'urgency' which kept me awake all night on Tuesday. I spoke to my nurse yesterday and she said to stop taking them completely. Bit of a blow, as I'm desperate to get off the prednisolone. She said she'd speak to my consultant to see if a biologic would be the best next step.

God bless xXxXx

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I have never had my spine scanned just hip and arm. Maybe it is different here in Oz.

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