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Ouch!!!! First Time Flare

Any advice please. Diagnosed with RA March 2014. Sulfasalazine and Hydroxychloroquine

medication rapidly reduced ESR and CRP Blood markers to normal, taking Naproxen for remnant pain. Since Christmas feeling low again, fierce pain in shoulders, thigh and bicep muscles aching, hand and fingers swollen, now left side Jaw joint very painful. Having difficulty chewing. ESR 32, CRP 98 blood markers both now high again. I have an appointment with my GP later this week, but not due to see rheumatologist until July. Any ideas on what to ask for? Will it settle down and go away in a few weeks? - Don't know what to expect or if there are any treatment options.

Any advice welcome. Thanks


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So sorry you are having a nasty flare . Maybe you should ask for a course of prednisalone to see you through it, which your doctor can prescribe. If not a quicker appointment with the rheumatologist as you might need a different treatment plan . Do you have rheumatologist nurses you can contact? I do hope it doesn't last long and you get some help.

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First off I'd ask the GP to check that there's nothing else likely. Sometimes we do blame RA for everything, when sometimes we've just come down with something completely different.

If doc thinks it is a resurgence of the RA then a) what can he/she provide to ease it like steroid jab (i prefer these to tablets, but everyone's different) and b) can doctor help bring forward rheumy appointment?

It may just be a flare that will go away shortly, but could also be that disease is sneaking round your current meds so these need to be reviewed.


Thanks to all who responded. I did call the rheumatology nurse and have been waiting on a call back for two days. Which was one reason for seeking advice from the community.

I will ask my GP if there could be another reason.

The Prednisone injection I was given in my thigh,when I was first diagnosed did not do much if anything for me. At the time I was told it would give immediate relief until the meds started to work. But I felt no better. I was subsequently prescribed the tablets. I cannot say they did that much to help and after a year was told to reduce the dose and I have not taken any for a year or more.

I let you know how I get on with the GP and Nurse if she replies in due course.

Thanks again

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I do hope you feel better soon. Bi gentle hugs xxx


Sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell. I see you have an appointment with your Gp soon.

If the pain is not under control with the Naproxen it maybe worth asking for a different painkiller to help you until you can get to see the rheumatologist.

Normally with flares they say to rest and if continues longer than a few days steroids may be suggested .

However steroids do not work for everybody so taking pain killers regularly and the use of home remedies such as hot and cold packs may help you .

Maybe your GP could contact your rheumatology team if you cant get through as they may want to review your current drug regime if it is not working for you.

Take care Alison .


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