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Steroid injection and pip

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Hello everyone I got my decision today on pip I got the lower award which I pleased with because I had a steroid injection which I think masked my symptoms so I am happy as didn't think I would get anything. 😊 Can anyone tell me how long the steroid injection lasts for it's not taken the pain away completely but taken the edge off. Thank you x

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That could be from a few weeks to months. There is no one standard for these as it depends more on your body.xxxx

I have had many steroid injections, and sorry to say but i found they did not do much for me.

Mine lasts about 6-8 weeks , by then hopefully your other drugs will have started to kick in x

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Lomo1964 in reply to allanah

Thank you. They are not working now and I have been in them since April last year. Have to go for MRI on my spine and then review my meds

What do you mean sorry? The same as everyone else I Have pain in my fingers and very weak and can't walk far at the moment so I applied

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