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Elbow bursitis anyone?


Back on my feet again after w/drawal of mtx and w/chair - so the SSZ[sulfasalazide] is kicking in after ? 2months and I'm swimming again. Not far - only 12 lengths but it's a relief to be back in the pool. BUT 2 new probs - permanent foul taste and acid reflux which are partially resolved by small meals, esp at night, and the old favourite, ginger either stem or crystallised. Any other idea s welcome... I avoid heavy meals, fried or acid foods esp at night. The new problem is a bursa on my elbow so can't lean on it etc. Steroid jab did nothing so getting joint injection in March . Just wondered f anyone else has this and how they cope

Belated Hppy New Year to all xx

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Hopefully that will do the trick and I done 12 lengths as well this morning plus I go to Aqua aerobics 2 a week and the waters great for your joints as you don't put any pressure on them, I'm getting probs with my left hip also and I think I'll have to get an injection in it and in my hands which are swollen

I'd like to know this as well! Accidentally leaned on my elbow to shift around in bed and OUCH! This is the second time I've noticed bursitis in my left elbow. The first time it went down seemingly on its own.

What is a joint injection?

GranAmie in reply to Karen77

mine is gradually going down so maybe resting it and bum jab are helping. a joint injection is injecting steroids usually, but into the damaged joint, had that twice into v bad ankle when i was first in hospital May 2015 when i collapsed and cdn't walk , elephant feet, and RA was diagnosed. The consultant said my wrists and hands were v. puffy [ as are my ankles tho' they don't count !!].so can only assume the injection will be there - not looking forward to it. Don't know if this is common, either.

Good luck!

I had a similar problem during the summer months the heat caused my right elbow to swell up with fluid. Remarkable the swelling subsided as the weather cooled.

HI, I was diagnosed with elbow bursitis back last September,unfortunately I cant have an injection of steroids yet as I've had my limit for the time being. I can actually cope with that pain so long as I don't lean on my right elbow. But you always forget !

Good luck with the joint injection, that's what I had done before Xmas in my thumb and that worked. Take care Linda

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