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Hi yall, I'm on my 7th week of enbril , the pain in my fingers and two toes are feeling alot better, but my question was to enbril users is I was sick for 5 days , awful stomach cramps , exhausted and couldn't sleep but two hours at a time. I don't no if that's the ra and that's what happens now and then. The pain in other areas is still horrible. Any input . Live to hear about other users. It's the only med I am on for ra , due to being allergic to methotrexate and plauqinill, and arava

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Hi as you can see I can't sleep either, I'm on Benepali and mtx 20mgs I've been on this combination since July and although it worked well for the first few months I don't think it's working now and I've had 3 hours sleep tonight and am wide awake now so I just got up, I put it down to the RA and the meds

Hi Cynthiaic,

I'm on Enbrel too but can only report good about it. I have never had any side effects from it and it started it's excellent work immediately. Perhaps you should ring your Rheumy nurse and talk to her/him about it especially as you've been allergic to meds in the past.

I hope you feel better soon.

love, Legs X

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Hi Cynthialc,

I've been on Embrel for 13 year's now and like Linda above mine started working within a week. I went from having to be helped to dress and not being able to walk very far to getting my life back. Definitely talk to your rheumatologist. Take care Linda

Mine problem was in the 6th week but exactly those symptoms and lasted 7 days but unfortunately mine ended in A+E because i went into adrenalin criscis/toxic shock i dont remember ambulance being there and i woke up in Recussitation, apparently i was given adrenalin and antihistamine, heartrate had gone excessivley high and blood pressure had crashed. I was tried tried 3 months later on cymzia and unfortunately same result, both times i experienced what i can only describe as a tug of war going on in my body back and forth almost as if the drug was fighting my whole system. I was offered Ritoximub afterwards but when i read that it was the second most dangerous drug in the world and how despite it being given in hospital the effects are almost impossible to reverse, all they can do is stop and then read that there is quite a high mortality rate due to sepsis and meningitis i decided that given the reaction to the other two i would pass on Ritoximub. I wish you well and if you have got through the sickness you may have tolerated it and be fine now Certainly they never give these drugs lightly and the results can be very impressive. I really hope this works for you and that the results are all you hope for.


Hi Cynthiac, sorry u are not well. I would certainly give your Rheumy nurse a call. I am on Enbrel twice a week for two years and thank goodness it's working and no side effects. Like u I was tried on a number of other meds that didn't agree with me. Hopefully your sickness might be totally unrelated to the enbrel but I would have it checked to be on the safe side. Best of luck.

Hi iv been on embrel for a year now plus mtx and it gave me my life back from pain in every joint to now being almost pain free. Having a problem at moment since change over to benepali with palpitations which seems worse for 2 days of taking it. Im in process of going back on embrel. Good luck and hope you are feeling better very soon x

Thanks all for the help. I don't no if it's my fibermyalgia that's fighting again my enbril. But I have a rhumba appointment and shall pray she has a answer. I would love to feel back to me again 3 + years is to long feeling seriously ill and walking is so painfully. The yall

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Not sure that a 'rhumba appointment' is what you need right now😂

I meant ra appointment coming up. I no im.going not feel effects from enbril that much if my fibermyalgia is kicking my's hard to no what pain belongs to what desease. I'm so upset , I want the crappy feeling of a heavy blanket over me..I'm exhausted and have trouble sleeping , sleepers didn't help . I feel like I have the fingers and toes feel better . But I am down due to severe pain in My feet and two things ra and the fibermyalgia I don't no how to cope . I get one thing helping me then I'm taking down buy another. They are working on my feet separate. So I'm getting great help. I just wanted to feel alot better from the enbril..Guess it doesn't help the fibermyalgia symtoms..sad in us


Hi I'm on methotrexate and enbril. I went on it last March. Since then I've had a few hiccups along the way like sleepless nights feeling very sick after I've had it and a continuous blocked nose apart from that at the moment I'm still in one piece. Zeus49++

Hi Cynthia I'm on 10mgs methotrexate and enbril. I was sick a couple of times. The next day I take a folic acid to stop me feeling sick. It did work for me. I also take omeprazole one everyday to protect my stomach. When I have my injections subcutaneous I usually drink lots of water to flush it out of my system. Gosh I sound like a toilet. Ha. Good job I didn't say cistern. I think up can still get pain due to RA that's always going to be there. If ure symptoms persist I would speak to your doctor. Somehow we've still got to raise a smile through all our pain. I do hope u get some relief from your pain. 😃. Zeus49.

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