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Compressed disc is causing me trouble this morning..


Good morning everyone. It has been an interesting week so far. I have had hubby at the drs with diarhea last night and the dr gave him some pills one lot for the diarhea and another for the cramps. I have been overdoing this week as we have taken down all the decorations and i have been helping with the tidying up. Yesterday i was fit for nothing and felt awful all day long. I ended up in bed early last night and i settled down about 11pm i think and i slept very well until 7am this morning. Despite sleeping well i still look ill. Aww well i will have to carry on. I am going to the garden centre to get the potatoes for the allotment when the better weather gets here. .xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Take care both 🌹Dawn

I find these stretches from NHS are very simple to do, and make a big difference after a couple of weeks if you do them daily. Really helps with pain from my squashed discs.

JEM95 in reply to helixhelix

Thanks for posting those. I have been seeing a physio at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre and the exercises she has given me are variations on these.

I've been doing them for about a month and a half and they have made a big difference for me.

I guess our natural instinct is if something hurts avoid doing it - in reality stretching and exercising is the answer.

sylvi in reply to helixhelix

Helix i have just had a look at those exercises and i can do most of them. I can't do the one with the kneeling position as i can't use my false knee to kneel on,but they look good thank you for showing me them.xxxxx

helixhelix in reply to sylvi

The knee one you can do upside before you get out of bed just pull your legs to your chest as you push your back into the bed and hold for at least 30 seconds.

sylvi in reply to helixhelix

Thanks for that i will give it a go.xxxxx

thelmar in reply to helixhelix

I've just had a look at these. Trouble is if I got down on the floor like some of these I would need a block and tackle to get me up again.

Joking aside I was given similar exercises for my scoliosis and the only way I can do them is lying on the bed.

Thanks for the link. There are some differentiating ones which I will try.

thelmar in reply to thelmar


I don't think 'interesting week' does your week justice. You've had a hard time recently. I do hope you are not going to be digging that allotment!

I used to get great relief by hanging from the underside of our loft ladder. Sounds odd but I just had to get high enough to 'dangle' with my feet off the floor and my weight gave me the traction I needed. I just had to remember to be careful when I came down, first time I forgot I was dangling and let go - undid all thegood work - never forgot that again!

Look after yourself - summer's on the way - or that's what I keep telling myself. 🥕🥔🌽🌰🍏🍅

No allotment digging for me for the foreseable future. I have been down herre all night again despite the good night i had Frida night. My eyes don't see to want to work properly at the moment.xxxx

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