Cold feet

My feet and ankles are the worst affected parts of my body and I just cannot tolerate them being cold. I'm fine at home or in the office but I'm often in client homes where it's freezing or in my car while I wait for it to warm up. I've got fluffy thermals but they're not doing much. Two pairs are going to mean I need bigger boots to accommodate the orthotics and the sockage (which apparently is not a word, who knew?! 😂) Any tips for me please?

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  • Haha...sockage...good word!

    Have you tried sticking those hand warmer thingamajigs in your boots and socks, before stuffing your feet in them?

    These things are fab. I use them all the time when I go off wild camping with the dawg!

  • need to take warmers out before wearing boot!

  • i find my feet are always freezing crashdoll and in bed at night my body is soaking wit sweat except my feet,i was at the specialist nurse last month and mentioned it to her but got the usual answer(oh i dont think thats to do with ra, and i replied well i didnt have it until i got ra and just got a gormless look off her

  • Do the soles of your feet go yellow when they are cold and then purple as they warm up?

  • @Hector23 This will be good for cold mornings but less feasible if I'm visiting a client during the day. Thank you though, I never considered this. It reminded me of when I was a child and my mum used to warm my school shirt on the radiator.

  • I too used the feet warming pads but I had to put them on my feet then remove them before putting on my boots , it's a hard one Cos socks just don't do it ! !

  • Silk sock liners, as used by mountain climbers. Thin, warm and don't trap moisture. I also use silk glove liners.

  • Silk glove liners on your feet?? 😄

    I forgot about them, I have some. Still use heat pads though.

  • 😀😀😀 that might hamper people climbing Everest! Sock liners are foot shaped...

  • I quite like the idea of glove liners on feet. I shall try them out with flip flops. I like to confuse the ladies in the Co-op. 😃

  • Ugg boots are bigger and you can get two pairs of socks on with them. xxxxx

  • Coming late to this but my old podiatrist gave me a large wedge of lambs wool from a big roll to put in my socks and form a toe cosy between and around toes. Works like a dream for toes and seems to fit all my shoes and boots no problem. Mine go white on soles and toes and then scarlet. Don't know whether this is caused by my small fibre neuropathy or Raynauds - or maybe a bit of both. Soles have gone smooth and shiny now too. Extra layers of socks make no odds but toe cosies really do.

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