Worried to my gums

On friday I had a mexican wrap with green salad for dinner. On saturday morning my poop was green. Sunday and today (monday afternoon) is still same. I don't know if food from the digestive track can last that long.

On sunday (last night) went to the doctor and explained. She put her finger up my anus and showed me green bit of my poop and said it was okay and that I shouldnt worry. Am really confused right now. I am on 20mg mtx, 400 plaguenil and 5mg megafol(folic acid). Has any one heard of such a thing or I my GI is bleeding? My next rheumy visit is on 19th of Jan.

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  • If you had active bleeding in your GI it would not be green, but anything from bright red through to black. Do you have an upset stomach or diarrhoea? That can turn things green as everything moves through too fast to be properly digested. see what happens over next couple of days, as most likely that it will just go away.

  • Thank you helixhelix so much for your reply. I got no stomach upsets nor diarrhoea. Am feeling okay and my poop is normal except for my RA ofcourse. Hope it will go away. Thank you for the hope

  • Just a thought....did the salad come from a pre- packed bag? I read recently that this salad should be washed before eating as a lot of it has bugs in that could cause gastric upsets.

    I've now I bought a plastic lettuce knife.....& hack away.....the lettuce doesn't go brown like it does with a metal knife....after all why pay for pre- packed when you're going to have to wash it anyway?

  • I ordered it online from a local fast food store as it came with the wrap as a package. I normaly dont do take aways for such except for pizza. Scary things I must say. But am happy that atleast I got you guys to share experiences with. Thank you AgedCrone and happy new year

  • Good advice above but green poop can be a colicky windy type if bowel movement . Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated or dioralyte if you are having severe diarrhoea. See doc if it doesn't clear in 3-4 days.

    Yep I find with my ra meds I'm more prone to catching bits of annoying infections more easily .

    Hope you feel better very soon x

  • Thank you allanah.

  • Mwah 💋

  • Oh poop no! Think your self lucky, if it was gold or blue your hair would fall out and purple it's time for the vicar I'm afraid.

    Good luck and a happy new year.


  • Thank you Philip

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