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Give a dog a bone!

After my launderette debacle, I popped into pet store to get a present for my much love collie. I bought him a polka dot squeaky bone.

Got through my front door and was virtually wrestled to the floor by Shep. It makes no difference whether I have been gone for two hours, or ten minutes, I still get same treatment!

I sat down with a cup of tea, and got the bone out of my bag and gave it to Shep. Oh the joy! Never was there a happier dog. I swear he had a big grin on his face.

I'm thinking of getting my son the same thing. I suspect he won't be quite as thrilled!😅

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Oh give a dog a bone.

Dogs always seem to know that their purpose in life is the make their humans happy. He know his job and if I was doing his work appraisal, I good give him excellent.

Keep smiling.



I am also greeted by the waggy tail brigade, but my little one (Jack Russell) greets me like I have been gone forever! when I pick her up her heart is racing so fast I think she is going to have a heart attack!

My kids only greet me in anything like this enthusiasm when I have money! :)


My little Westie boy is the same. He smiles and waits for my hand which he sucks while nearly wagging his little tail off.

Unconditional love always.

My friend had collie called Shep my Westie and Shep had to meet every day for walks together .


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